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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

Statement on the John Doe case by a VOTF member

We're glad they failed, but Catholic officials at Conception have no business acting in litigation like mean-spirited corporate honchos.

Fr. Parry has admitted molesting kids. So why isn't Conception Abbey acting with compassion instead of combativeness? Why is the Abbey's first response to this lawsuit to try and get it dismissed?

Text of the John Doe v. Conception Abbey Case.

You can view the Judge's order (allowing the case to move forward) regarding the John Doe v. Conception Abbey case here. 

SNAP wants secular investigation at London school

For immediate release Tuesday, October 25

We are glad any time any effort is made to unearth the truth about child sex crimes and cover ups in Catholic institutions. Still, if an investigation is to be effective and honest, it must be run by truly independent, secular authorities - not church authorities.

Jury rejects brothers' clergy-abuse allegations: SNAP Responds

Every time a victim of abuse and cover-up uses the tried-and-true justice system to expose their perpetrator and seek accountability, children are protected right now.  We are so proud of these two men, who fought the odds and had their day in court.  They are heroes to the tens of thousands of victims around the world who will never be able to stand up and speak.

Open letter to Clay Co. and Jackson Co. Prosecutors

Dear Mr. White and Ms. Baker:

We’re not lawyers, police, prosecutors or judges. We haven’t seen all the evidence. And we realize it’s possible that Bishop Robert Finn might be deemed innocent of the charges he faces.

We don’t mean to overstep, overreach, insult or offend anyone. We are glad you have convened grand juries. We are grateful, Ms. Baker, that your office has filed charges against Finn. We hope, Mr. White, that your office goes even further.

SNAP to begin support group in Youngstown and Pittsburgh area

Self-help group starts monthly support meetings 

SNAP reaches out to those abused by clerics in Youngstown & Pittsburgh area

Confidential meetings are safe place for victims to heal, they say

Victims and family members are encouraged to attend

For first time ever, US bishop indicted for endangering kids

This is a good start. We believe others on the church payroll also concealed crimes, misled parishioners and endangered kids. They too should face consequences.

SNAP Statements on Abusive Priest Sued Again

Statement by SNAP member John David Couzens

Over the years, hundreds and hundreds of adults in this region have worked for Catholic institutions – the diocese, the parishes, and the schools.

Many of them, we’re convinced, know or suspect something about the sexual misdeeds of priests, nuns, brothers, seminarians and other church employees.

And most of them, we’re convinced, are staying silent. Shame on them.

Predators succeed when adults keep quiet. And predators fail when adults speak up.

SNAP applauds brave victim in Youngstown

Church officials can not always be trusted to have victims and our children’s best interest at heart.
We applaud this brave victim for speaking up and taking action to expose the truth and possibly protecting other children.

In Defense of Margaret Mata

She didn’t want more money. She wasn’t seeking a promotion. She didn’t ask for a broader job title. She wasn’t trying to push anyone else aside. 

She just wanted to help. And she was punished for it.

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