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New lawsuit says current pastor is a child molester

New lawsuit says current pastor is a child molester

As a young boy, victim wrote top church official about him

Cleric has been publicly accused of abuse three times before

Still, he heads a parish right now & has never been suspended

SNAP: “It’s one of the most egregiously mishandled cases ever

Victims challenge new St. Louis archbishop to “oust the priest now

SNAP also wants Rozanski to “protect kids by reading every abuse report

And it urges him to “do more to warn parents about most dangerous dozen

“Rozanski must add religious order abusers to official archdiocesan list,” group says

Two new suits filed against predator priests

Two new suits filed against predator priests

One has never been publicly accused before

The other worked in 12 parishes & helped recruit future priests

He hurt both boys & girls & was on the seminary’s discipline board

Both worked in the KC MO area, one may have fled to Central America

(NOTE: A Spanish translator will be at the event)

SNAP News Conference July 7 at 11 AM in St. Louis

Victims call for boycott of big locally-based Catholic order

SNAP: “Alums should stop donating until the full truth is told

Marianists “are still hiding at least 2 accused St. L predators, group says

Neither are on the list of 46 alleged offenders that was released last week

One’s been defrocked & faces 30 allegations but may still working overseas

More than 80 other religious orders work in the area; most ‘under the radar

SNAP urges new St. Louis archbishop to force disclosure by these groups

They comprise about one-third of all the Catholic clergy in this archdiocese

Victims blast new St. Louis archbishop

Victims blast new St. L archbishop

Just last week, he ousted 3 alleged predators

But in a ‘shocking move,’ he refuses to name them

Survivors and Advocates in Wisconsin call for AG Intervention

This Saturday, June 6, family and supporters of a Green Bay clergy abuse victim who took his life in March will publicly call on the Wisconsin Attorney General to join other states in investigating cases of clergy sexual abuse, holding perpetrators and enablers accountable, and ending sexual violence.

Victims Urge Maryland State Senators to Support HB974

Victims Urge Maryland State Senators to Support HB974

Survivors Believe the Proposed Measure Will Protect the State’s Children

Bill Will Also Provide Justice for the Abused

SNAP: Legislators Should Not Be Taking Direction from Those Who Shielded Perpetrators

Survivors Call for Transparency from Church Officials in Rockville Centre

Survivors Call for Transparency from Church Officials in Rockville Centre

“Release a list of accused priests now!” they demand

Diocese has Reached 300 Settlements, but no Names of Abusers have been Released – “Where is the transparency,” they ask

They Will Release a Letter that has been Written to Bishop Barres

And they will Call for Explanations of Barres’ Refusal to Take Action on an Abusive Priest in Pennsylvania

Minister kept accused abuser on the job

Minister kept accused abuser on the job

Now, he’s been named a college trustee

Police say he “refused to cooperate” with them

Other university trustees are upset with the move too

Groups want him ousted & external investigators hired

And they call on MO Attorney General to do statewide probe

Baptists are the second largest denomination in the Missouri

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Gonzaga Awarded Grant to Host Conference on Sex Abuse Scandal

Yet another Catholic university has been awarded a grant to host a conference related to the clergy sex abuse scandal. We hope that in the two years they have to plan this conference that the organizers will ensure that it centers on the voices of survivors and focuses on prevention.

SNAP Applauds as State Representatives in Michigan Introduce Legislation Aimed at Empowering Survivors

State legislators in Michigan have introduced a reform bill aimed at changing the state’s archaic statute of limitations laws so that more survivors will be empowered to come forward, name their abuser, and protect other children and communities. We applaud this effort and hope it receives the bi-partisan support it needs to succeed.

Two Religious Order Brothers, One a Former Principal, Sued for Child Sexual Abuse

Two religious order brothers who worked at a New Orleans high school in the 1980s have been accused of molesting a student in a recently filed lawsuit. Both have been previously convicted of child molestation for unrelated conduct in St. Tammany Parish. We applaud these brave victims for coming forward and hope that their example inspires others who may have been hurt to come forward and start healing.

Lawsuit Alleges Catholic Principal Was Fired for Reporting Abuse

A new lawsuit alleges that a Catholic school principal lost his job after reporting inappropriate behavior by a local priest. We applaud this principal for doing the right thing and hope that he is able to have his day in court.

Archbishop Cordileone Is Out of Bounds with COVID Criticisms

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco recently went public with criticisms on how the COVID-19 pandemic is being handled in California. We believe Archbishop Cordileone should focus less on how COVID is being handled by the state and more on how cases of clergy sexual abuse and cover-up are handled within his Archdiocese.

Boarding School in Missouri under Investigation Following Allegations of Child Abuse and Neglect

We applaud the decision by law enforcement officials in Missouri to open an investigation into the Circle of Hope Girls’ Ranch. We know that the best way to get to the bottom of cases of abuse in religious institutions is for those claims to be probed by police and punished by prosecutors.

Statement from SNAP New Orleans Regarding Bar Date

Clergy sex abuse survivors have no choice but to accept the Sept 17th decision of Federal Bankruptcy Judge Meredith Grabill in setting March 1, 2021 as the date by which victims of abuse in the Archdiocese of New Orleans must come forward or lose their rights.  Judge Grabill disregarded U.S. Trustee Amanda George’s recommendation of a March 31st bar date.

SNAP Calls on Church Officials in Houma-Thibodaux to Include Fr. Brian Highfill on Credibly Accused Priests List

Leaders of SNAP in Louisiana are calling out the Houma-Thibodaux bishop for failing to live up to the standards laid out by the USCCB and for choosing secrecy over transparency in the case of an accused abusive priest.

AG Nessel Charges Former Catholic School Teacher with Sexually Assaulting Minors

Another Michigan abuser has been arrested thanks to the work done by the state’s top law enforcement official and her dedication to investigating cases of Catholic sexual abuse. We applaud AG Dana Nessel and her team and hope this news encourages others who may have been hurt to come forward and make a report to the AG’s office.

Diocese of Cleveland Welcomes New Bishop as SNAP Challenges Him on Transparency

The Diocese of Cleveland is welcoming a new leader today and we are calling on local parishioners to examine his record closely and demand that their diocese will be treated to more openness and transparency that the previous diocese led by this new bishop.

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