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Pennsylvania Survivors and Advocates to urge Majority Leader Senator Kim Ward to run H.B. 951 on the floor for a full Senate vote.


Press Advisory

(For Immediate Release May 7, 2021)


SNAP, CHILD USA, CHILD USAdvocacy, & The United Front – United Front Gathers Pennsylvania Survivors and Advocates to urge Majority Leader Senator Kim Ward to run H.B. 951 on the floor for a full Senate vote.


WHAT: SNAP, CHILD USA, CHILD USAdvocacy, and The United Front, alongside a group called ‘Survivors Taking the Steps,’ will hold a news conference in front of the Pennsylvania Capitol to;


  • Urge Majority Leader Senator Kim Ward to bring H.B. 951, a statutory window, to the Senate floor for a vote, and
  • Call on Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman to continue his support and encourage senate members to demand H.B. 951 be brought for a vote.

WHO: Pennsylvania Survivors and Advocates including the Fortney Family for Justice, SNAP Leader Mary McHale, SNAP Board Member Shaun Dougherty, CHILD USA Legal Director Alice Bohn, Esq., and SNAP Communications Manager Michael McDonnell.


WHEN: Monday, May 10th, 2021, 10 am


WHERE: On the main Capitol steps, 501 N. 3rd St Harrisburg, PA.


WHY:  Justice for victims of child sex abuse in Pennsylvania is needed now. Survivors have long held the liability and it is time to shift the cost of abuse back to where it belongs: at the feet of the abuser and those who enabled them. Each day that legislators fail to act on H.B. 951, predators remain hidden and children remain at risk. Survivors deserve the right to the legal process for discovery and justice. At this press conference, survivors and advocates will explain why “enough is enough” and will gather to encourage other Pennsylvanians to join the fight for healing, justice, and accountability.










New pedophile priests are exposed Five are not on Rockford’s ‘accused’ list

New pedophile priests are exposed

Five are not on Rockford’s ‘accused’ list

One was convicted but is still in a parish

Another reportedly admitted child sex crime

And church officials call 2 ‘credibly accused’

Victims urge cooperation with IL AG probe

Victims ‘out’ 4 more accused Charlotte clerics

They are not on diocese’s ‘credibly accused’ list

Group blasts Catholic officials for “abuse secrecy

Victims ‘out’ 4 ‘credibly accused’ priests in NC

SNAP to bishop “List those who abuse vulnerable adults too

And victims urge others to come forward before legal deadline

Victims blast top Chicago official

Victims blast top Chicago official

SNAP: Dangerous predators still being hidden

Cardinal ‘splits hairs’ & keeps abusive clergy off his list

“He sets a terrible example to other bishops,” they say

Cupich’s peers in Illinois & across the US disclose more

And, SNAP charges, he lets his flock intimidate victims

Victims ‘out’ 5 more accused Spgfld priests

Victims ‘out’ 5 more accused Spgfld priests

They are not on diocese’s ‘credibly accused’ list

Bishop ignores earlier request to add 9 other names

A recently accused priest is in undisclosed location

Group blasts Bishop Paprocki on sex allegations

SNAP: “His official website is deceptive & hurtful

Abuse victims blast Catholic officials’ secrecy

Abuse victims blast Catholic officials’ secrecy

They want names added to church ‘accused’ list

Four priests are ‘missing’- two admitted abuse

“Bishop can’t pretend they weren’t here,” victims say

Belleville prelate soon celebrates his first anniversary

He recently & quietly ‘outed’ three other accused priests

SNAP Press Conference Tomorrow, 4/14 at 9 AM

SNAP begs witnesses & whistleblowers to ‘speak up’

Just-arrested priest faces hearing on abuse charges

SNAP pushes local university to post names of abusers on its website 

Victims praise new MO Supreme Court ruling

Victims praise new MO Supreme Court ruling

And they announce new settlement vs. KC priest

The cleric has never been sued or ‘outed’ before

Group to bishop: “Add names to your predator list

SNAP: A dozen child molesters are still being hidden

“Stop splitting hairs & making excuses!” victims plead

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Diocese of Camden Alleged to Have Underreported Assets

In a disturbing but not surprising allegation, a New Jersey diocese has been accused of “massively underreporting” its assets in order to protect them from lawsuits brought by men and women who were sexually abused as children. Once again, Catholic officials have demonstrated that they care more about protecting their money than they do providing justice for survivors and preventing future cases of abuse.

Vos Estis expires next year; SNAP urges renewal but with major reform

Catholic Priest who worked in NorCal sued for child sexual abuse, SNAP demands outreach

A long-serving Catholic clergyman who worked in Northern California has been accused in a new lawsuit of raping a child. We insist that every diocese where the cleric was assigned notify parishioners and the public of the allegations and beg anyone with information to come forward and make a report to law enforcement.

San Francisco Archbishop Plays Politics, SNAP Calls Out his Hypocrisy

Canadian Catholic Officials Roll Out Internal Reporting System, SNAP Encourages Victims and Witnesses to Report to Police Instead

Catholic Church officials in Canada today announced the roll-out of a system designed to take in reports of abuse and wrongdoing by prelates throughout the country. We hope instead that anyone with complaints or information will report them to local police and prosecutors before reporting internally to the Church.

SNAP opposes proposed legislation in Arizona that includes language that would protect institutions from the consequences of sexual abuse

Many states are now taking steps to limit a governor's powers during a declared emergency. Unfortunately, in Arizona HB 2648 includes language that also gives privileges to churches and other religious organizations during such emergencies and allows those entities to be exempt from civil lawsuits. Opponents to this legislation, like Rep. Melody Hernandez, D-Tempe, and Sen. Martin Quezada, D-Glendale, agree that the wording in HB 2648 is unnecessary and could deny victims of child sex abuse their right to justice and compensation.

A Court Case for Former Faith Baptist Academy Principal Delayed; SNAP Responds

A former Baptist principal who in January pleaded guilty to sexually abusing at least one student had his case delayed this week because the judge was uncomfortable with the agreed to plea bargain. We hope that this delay as a result of the deal being too friendly to the alleged abuser sends the message that cases of child sexual abuse will be taken very seriously in California.

New Orleans Priest Accused of Abusing a Ten-Year-Old Boy has now Filed a Defamation Suit Against his Accuser

A priest accused who in January was accused of raping a ten-year-old child in 2008 has now filed a defamation lawsuit against his accuser. We hope that this lawsuit is quickly tossed and that church officials in New Orleans will stand in support of the victim in the case and use every resource at their disposal to encourage other victims to come forward and make a report.

Australian Catholic priest facing new charges in Virginia; SNAP urges victims to come forward

According to the Virgina Attorney General’s Office, an Australian Catholic priest with a prior conviction is in the process of being extradited back to Virginia to face charges of child sexual abuse in this country. We encourage anyone who was sexually abused by a clergyman in Virginia to make a report to the Attorney General.

SNAP Leaders Urge Michigan and California AGs to Investigate Fr. Lawrence Fares

Leaders of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, have written today to the top law enforcement official in California and Michigan, urging them to investigate an abusive catholic priest and the way that church officials in Detroit and San Francisco hid the allegations against him.

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