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New Clergy Sex Abuse and Cover up Lawsuit Filed in Archdiocese of Houston

New Clergy Sex Abuse and Cover up Lawsuit Filed in Archdiocese of Houston

“Once again, the church has put its reputation above the protection of children”

SNAP Calls for Immediate Action by Church Officials

Abusers’ names to be written on sidewalk

Abusers’ names to be written on sidewalk

All are predator priests ‘under the radar’ here

One was convicted for trying to hire a hit man

But he, nor the others, are on diocese 'perp list

Each is ‘credibly accused’ say bishops elsewhere

SNAP also reveals settlement vs. another cleric

He’s “the most dangerous KC clergy offender

SNAP leaders call on the Archdiocese of San Antonio to update the abusive clergy list and to include Marianists priests who served San Antonio

WHAT: Holding signs at a news conference, survivors of clergy abuse and their supporters will identify the accused Marianist clergy members who have worked in this community, provide contact information for support for any new survivors coming forward, urging them to report any abuse to law enforcement first. SNAP calls out the archdiocese and St. Mary’s to be proactive in finding survivors who may need support.

WHEN:  Wednesday, June 23, 2021. 12pm

WHERE: Outside the San Antonio Archdiocese headquarters, 2718 Woodlawn Ave, on the public sidewalk in front of the Archdiocese sign.

Victims blast St. Paul archbishop

Victims blast St. Paul archbishop

They reveal names of 5 “still hidden” predators

Wife of serial predator speaks out for the 1st time

He has reportedly raped a girl & abused 44 women

Group also blasts church report on Fr. McDonough

And a victim of a serial Catholic composer speaks up

Pennsylvania Survivors and Advocates to urge Majority Leader Senator Kim Ward to run H.B. 951 on the floor for a full Senate vote.


Press Advisory

(For Immediate Release May 7, 2021)


SNAP, CHILD USA, CHILD USAdvocacy, & The United Front – United Front Gathers Pennsylvania Survivors and Advocates to urge Majority Leader Senator Kim Ward to run H.B. 951 on the floor for a full Senate vote.


WHAT: SNAP, CHILD USA, CHILD USAdvocacy, and The United Front, alongside a group called ‘Survivors Taking the Steps,’ will hold a news conference in front of the Pennsylvania Capitol to;


  • Urge Majority Leader Senator Kim Ward to bring H.B. 951, a statutory window, to the Senate floor for a vote, and
  • Call on Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman to continue his support and encourage senate members to demand H.B. 951 be brought for a vote.

WHO: Pennsylvania Survivors and Advocates including the Fortney Family for Justice, SNAP Leader Mary McHale, SNAP Board Member Shaun Dougherty, CHILD USA Legal Director Alice Bohn, Esq., and SNAP Communications Manager Michael McDonnell.


WHEN: Monday, May 10th, 2021, 10 am


WHERE: On the main Capitol steps, 501 N. 3rd St Harrisburg, PA.


WHY:  Justice for victims of child sex abuse in Pennsylvania is needed now. Survivors have long held the liability and it is time to shift the cost of abuse back to where it belongs: at the feet of the abuser and those who enabled them. Each day that legislators fail to act on H.B. 951, predators remain hidden and children remain at risk. Survivors deserve the right to the legal process for discovery and justice. At this press conference, survivors and advocates will explain why “enough is enough” and will gather to encourage other Pennsylvanians to join the fight for healing, justice, and accountability.










New pedophile priests are exposed Five are not on Rockford’s ‘accused’ list

New pedophile priests are exposed

Five are not on Rockford’s ‘accused’ list

One was convicted but is still in a parish

Another reportedly admitted child sex crime

And church officials call 2 ‘credibly accused’

Victims urge cooperation with IL AG probe

Victims ‘out’ 4 more accused Charlotte clerics

They are not on diocese’s ‘credibly accused’ list

Group blasts Catholic officials for “abuse secrecy

Victims ‘out’ 4 ‘credibly accused’ priests in NC

SNAP to bishop “List those who abuse vulnerable adults too

And victims urge others to come forward before legal deadline

Victims blast top Chicago official

Victims blast top Chicago official

SNAP: Dangerous predators still being hidden

Cardinal ‘splits hairs’ & keeps abusive clergy off his list

“He sets a terrible example to other bishops,” they say

Cupich’s peers in Illinois & across the US disclose more

And, SNAP charges, he lets his flock intimidate victims

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Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court Deals Major Blow to Survivors of Childhood Abuse, SNAP Reacts

We are very disappointed in the 5-2 decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which ended plaintiff Renee Rice's pursuit of justice. Her strength and conviction to hold the Roman Catholic Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown responsible for covering up and enabling sexual abuse speaks volumes. It inspires others to continue their path to justice.  Rice alleges abuse at the hands of the alleged abuser, Fr. Charles F. Bodziak; in the 1970s, Rice was then the church organist at St. Leo's church in Altoona, Pa.

Former Professor at Virginia Catholic College Arrested for Child Solicitation

William R. Luckey was arrested on June 25 and charged with solicitation of a 10 year old girl and two counts of taking indecent liberties with the child. Professor Luckey taught for almost 30 years at Christendom College in Virginia, a Catholic institution recommended by the conservative Cardinal Newman Society.

In Bankruptcy Proceedings, Norwich Catholic Leaders Move for All Records to be Sealed, SNAP Worries that Important Information on Abuse Will Be Concealed

A mere day after a Connecticut Catholic Diocese filed for bankruptcy protection as a result of lawsuits for child sexual abuse and cover-up, attorneys for the Church have gone even further and filed a motion to ensure that all information, financial and otherwise, in this case is sealed and redacted. To us, this motion is a clear and public example of Catholic officials using bankruptcy court as a means to protect their secrets, not just their money.

General Secretary of the USCCB resigns before a media report on sexual misconduct

Archbishop Jose Gomez, President of the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB), today announced the resignation of Monsignor Jeffrey Burrill from his post as the general secretary of the conference. The resignation came ahead of a media report alleging that Msgr. Burrill frequented gay bars and private homes using a popular “hookup” app on his mobile device.

Pastor of Our Lady Star of the Sea in Staten Island faces a second allegation of child sexual abuse; SNAP responds

In a letter to parishioners dated July 16th, 2021, Fr. Thomas Devery, Pastor of Our Lady of the Sea on Staten Island, informed the faithful that a second lawsuit under New York's Child Victim Act had been filed against him again alleging that he had sexually abused a minor decades ago. Fr. Devery further wrote that "in keeping with the policy" of the Catholic Archdiocese of New York, he will be "stepping aside" from his assignment to the parish while this new accusation is investigated and resolved.

Archdiocese of New York again named in lawsuit over alleged abuse at Mt. Loretto; SNAP calls for secular investigations of such facilities throughout the US

A resident of the Mission of the Immaculate Virgin at Mount Loretto in Staten Island three decades ago has accused three adults, including a priest, of sexually abusing him in a recently filed lawsuit. In the wake of the tragedies that have been uncovered in the past months in Canadian residential schools, we call for secular investigations in each state that had Catholic Church or government oversight at such institutions. Sadly, many children who were placed in such situations were orphaned, wards of the court, or from troubled families. They deserve justice!

Catholic priest pleads guilty to sex trafficking and possession of child porn; SNAP calls on the Diocese to do outreach

A Catholic priest from the Diocese of Cleveland pleaded guilty to the sex trafficking of a minor and child pornography. He will be sentenced in November and faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. However, his victims still need to be helped. SNAP calls on the Diocese to do outreach to parishioners.

SNAP Disappointed as Houston Priest Escapes Criminal Charges

A priest who was removed from his parish in 2019 following allegations of inappropriate behavior with another adult was in court this week in Houston, but a grand jury elected not to proceed with the criminal case against him. Our hearts ache for the victim who has been out and public about the abuse he suffered and we hope that he is getting the support and help that he needs.

Diocese of Norwich, CT Declares Bankruptcy, SNAP Responds

Yet another Roman Catholic diocese has declared bankruptcy as a result of claims for child sexual abuse and cover-up. We believe that this move is more about protecting church secrets than it is about a lack of assets and we hope that parishioners and the public will demand better of their church leaders.

SNAP to Transition Leadership as President Tim Lennon Steps Down

Following years at the helm of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, the nations oldest and largest support group for victims of clergy abuse, Tim Lennon has stepped down from his position as President of the Board of Directors. We are grateful to Tim for his years of service and can look back on his tenure as a time of growth and success.

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