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Clergy sex abuse survivors and supporters applaud sentencing of abusive Houston priest

Clergy sex abuse survivors and supporters applaud sentencing of abusive Houston priest

They are grateful to see children protected and survivors validated

Now they want church officials to answer questions about the priest’s time in Houston

“Let us move forward now and turn our focus to the enablers” they say

Investigative Reporter to Present Critical Evidence in Clergy Sexual Abuse Claim in Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

John Carlos Frey has obtained DNA evidence that Father Jesus Expedito Suarez, has fathered children in Colombia.

Clergy Abuse Survivors Protest Diocese of Victoria

Clergy Abuse Survivors Protest Diocese of Victoria

Lawsuit Announced This Week Claims Abuse and Cover-up at a Victoria School

Diocese of Victoria Also Denies Survivors Request to Participate in this Weekend’s Conference

SNAP New Orleans Press Conference on Friday, October 16

As Archbishop Gregory Aymond meets with archdiocesan clergy on  Friday afternoon, SNAP New Orleans will hold a press event to bring attention to the continuing scandals in New Orleans and call for Archbishop Aymond's resignation. 

Missouri’s most-sued pedophile priest is sued again

Missouri’s most-sued pedophile priest is sued again

His alleged victim will speak for first time & use his name

Victims think he can still be prosecuted beg law police to act

SNAP to leaflet near homes of 2 ‘credibly accused’ ex-clerics

One is in Richmond Heights and the other is in South County

The 2nd was coaching kids in 2017 & is/was in Soccer Hall of Fame

He’s defrocked but was just ‘outed’ by archdiocese three months ago

And he lives less than a mile from a day care center and two schools

SNAP Stands with Survivors of Pastor Rickie Rush

SNAP Stands with Survivors of Pastor Rickie Rush

Group Echo Calls for Rush to Resign

Demonstration will be Held Outside the Inspiring Body of Christ Church on Sunday, Oct 4 Beginning at 7:30 AM; Press Conference at 9:30 AM

New lawsuit says current pastor is a child molester

New lawsuit says current pastor is a child molester

As a young boy, victim wrote top church official about him

Cleric has been publicly accused of abuse three times before

Still, he heads a parish right now & has never been suspended

SNAP: “It’s one of the most egregiously mishandled cases ever

Victims challenge new St. Louis archbishop to “oust the priest now

SNAP also wants Rozanski to “protect kids by reading every abuse report

And it urges him to “do more to warn parents about most dangerous dozen

“Rozanski must add religious order abusers to official archdiocesan list,” group says

Two new suits filed against predator priests

Two new suits filed against predator priests

One has never been publicly accused before

The other worked in 12 parishes & helped recruit future priests

He hurt both boys & girls & was on the seminary’s discipline board

Both worked in the KC MO area, one may have fled to Central America

(NOTE: A Spanish translator will be at the event)

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SNAP Urges Support of Iowa’s SOL Reform Bill

A bi-partisan proposal in the Iowa State Legislature to eliminate both the civil and criminal statutes of limitations and establish a “look back" window” is now with the Senate Judiciary Committee. However, although SSB 1017 was slated for consideration by the Committee last week, it was pulled from the agenda at the last minute. We believe that anyone who is informed about the realities of child sexual abuse (CSA) and how the trauma often prevents the victims from coming forward would be in favor of the passage of this important bill.

Archdiocese of Chicago Pressured to End Investigation into Popular Priest Accused of Abuse

State Senator Calls for Reinstatement of Priest Accused by Multiple Victims of Abuse, SNAP Calls for Her to Help Uncover the Truth Instead

A month after two victims accused a prominent Catholic priest in Chicago of childhood sexual abuse, an Illinois state senator is using her office to cast doubt on these survivors and to demand the reinstatement of the cleric.

Announcing SNAP Leadership in India

SNAP is pleased to announce that we will bring our survivor support model to India thanks to Jerome Anto, who will be joining our team as the SNAP Leader for his country. We are excited to offer SNAP peer support services and information to victims in India who may benefit from this resource and look forward to seeing our network grow thanks to Jerome’s work.

SNAP to Oakland Bishop: More than 160 Abusers Spent Time in Your Diocese

Leaders from SNAP in the Bay Area have compiled data showing that at least 161 abusive clerics have worked and lived in the Diocese of Oakland. We are calling on Diocesan officials to update their current list and to be clearer with the Bay Area’s Catholic community about the exposure children and the vulnerable have had to these men.

Despite Allegations of Abuse, Chicago-area Priest Allowed to Keep Working

Statute of Limitations Reform in California is Leading to Justice and Healing

A little more than a year ago, AB 218 was signed into law in California, opening a three-year “window to justice” that would revive claims that had been barred by the state’s archaic and predator-friendly statute of limitations laws. Since that bill went into effect, we have seen hundreds of new survivors come forward, exposing uncomfortable truths about hidden perpetrators and their enablers in California. To us, there is no question that this law is providing a path towards justice, healing, and prevention.

Msgr. Craig Harrison to Resign, SNAP Calls on Diocese of Fresno to Release Results of Internal Investigation

At a press conference this afternoon, embattled Msgr. Craig Harrison announced that he is resigning from the priesthood. We hope that this decision will comfort the multiple accusers who have come forward and that Catholic officials in Fresno will release the results of their internal investigation soon.

Another Horrifying Report into Child Sexual Abuse in a Catholic Institution in Scotland Calls for International Action

Catholic Priest from Diocese of Gaylord Accused of Abuse

A Catholic priest from the Diocese of Gaylord has stepped aside after he was accused of “sexual misconduct” with an adult woman. We hope that this victim is getting the support they need and we honor her courage in coming forward with her story.

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