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Two new suits filed against predator priests

Two new suits filed against predator priests

One has never been publicly accused before

The other worked in 12 parishes & helped recruit future priests

He hurt both boys & girls & was on the seminary’s discipline board

Both worked in the KC MO area, one may have fled to Central America

(NOTE: A Spanish translator will be at the event)

SNAP News Conference July 7 at 11 AM in St. Louis

Victims call for boycott of big locally-based Catholic order

SNAP: “Alums should stop donating until the full truth is told

Marianists “are still hiding at least 2 accused St. L predators, group says

Neither are on the list of 46 alleged offenders that was released last week

One’s been defrocked & faces 30 allegations but may still working overseas

More than 80 other religious orders work in the area; most ‘under the radar

SNAP urges new St. Louis archbishop to force disclosure by these groups

They comprise about one-third of all the Catholic clergy in this archdiocese

Victims blast new St. Louis archbishop

Victims blast new St. L archbishop

Just last week, he ousted 3 alleged predators

But in a ‘shocking move,’ he refuses to name them

Survivors and Advocates in Wisconsin call for AG Intervention

This Saturday, June 6, family and supporters of a Green Bay clergy abuse victim who took his life in March will publicly call on the Wisconsin Attorney General to join other states in investigating cases of clergy sexual abuse, holding perpetrators and enablers accountable, and ending sexual violence.

Victims Urge Maryland State Senators to Support HB974

Victims Urge Maryland State Senators to Support HB974

Survivors Believe the Proposed Measure Will Protect the State’s Children

Bill Will Also Provide Justice for the Abused

SNAP: Legislators Should Not Be Taking Direction from Those Who Shielded Perpetrators

Survivors Call for Transparency from Church Officials in Rockville Centre

Survivors Call for Transparency from Church Officials in Rockville Centre

“Release a list of accused priests now!” they demand

Diocese has Reached 300 Settlements, but no Names of Abusers have been Released – “Where is the transparency,” they ask

They Will Release a Letter that has been Written to Bishop Barres

And they will Call for Explanations of Barres’ Refusal to Take Action on an Abusive Priest in Pennsylvania

Minister kept accused abuser on the job

Minister kept accused abuser on the job

Now, he’s been named a college trustee

Police say he “refused to cooperate” with them

Other university trustees are upset with the move too

Groups want him ousted & external investigators hired

And they call on MO Attorney General to do statewide probe

Baptists are the second largest denomination in the Missouri

Clergy Abuse Survivors from SNAP Return to Rome on One Year Anniversary of Vox Estis Lux Mundi

Leaders and representatives from SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, will be available in Rome from February 19-23. Attendees will be on hand during the one-year anniversary of Vox Estis Lux Mundi and will be holding press events during that time. The below delegates will be available for interviews in Rome from February 19-23 and are also available in the United States prior to leaving for Rome:

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Ellwood Priest Accused of Abusing Siblings, Diocese Ignored Reports by Victim, According to New Lawsuit

A just filed lawsuit claims that a man and his sister were sexually abused by an Elwood priest and that the sister's allegations were ignored by the Catholic Church when first reported in the 1990s. We applaud these brave survivors for coming forward and call for Diocesan officials to come clean about what happened when the abuse was first reported and why no action was taken.

Nearly 3,800 Cases Brought Forward Thanks to New York’s Child Victims Act, Other States Must Follow Suit

The opening of a “window to justice” in New York has allowed nearly 3,800 lawsuits for child sexual abuse and cover-up to be filed, bringing forward critical information about active abusers and enablers in nearly every part of civil society, from schools to churches to youth camps. This staggering number of lawsuits speaks to the clear need in New York that allowed the Child Victims Act to be passed in the first place and should be a signal to lawmakers nationwide that opening up courtrooms to survivors can have benefits for their own states, too.

Congressman Asks Department of Justice to Investigate “Hate Crimes” against Catholics while Ignoring Scourge of Sexual Abuse in Catholic Institutions

A congressman from Tennessee has written to the Department of Justice, formally requesting that they get involved in “hate crimes” perpetrated in Catholic churches. We support Congressman Chuck Fleischmann’s call for federal intervention in crimes committed on Catholic Church property, but not in the way he is suggesting.

Coptic Church Experiences Its Own #MeToo Movement

We applaud the brave survivors of sexual abuse who have stepped forward and forced the Coptic Church in the United States to reckon with sexual abuse and cover-up within its own ranks. We hope that church officials will learn from the failures of other religious institutions and immediately seek to cooperate with secular officials who can help root out abusers and enablers and create an environment that is safer for children and vulnerable adults.

Lawsuit Against Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston Can Move Forward

A lawsuit against a West Virginia diocese can move forward after a request to dismiss filed by Catholic officials was denied by the circuit court. We are glad that this lawsuit can move forward and hope that it encourages other survivors to speak up and make reports to law enforcement.

Two New Priests Accused of Abuse in the Diocese of Las Cruces

Two more priests from the Diocese of Las Cruces have been accused of sexual abuse and we call on Catholic officials to do extensive outreach to their parish communities about these allegations, sharing the information and encouraging victims and witnesses to come forward and make a report to the police.

SNAP Sendai Calls for Apology from Archdiocese of Nagasaki

SNAP Sendai has learned about harassment from church officials at the Archdiocese of Nagasaki and are now calling for a public apology.

Child Victims Act Extended for an Additional Year, SNAP Applauds Decision

Today, Governor Andrew Cuomo formally extended New York’s Child Victim’s Act for an additional year. We applaud this decision and believe that this will help more victims come forward, bringing to light information that can protect children today and hold enablers of abuse accountable.

Diocese of Camden Suspends Compensation Program, SNAP Reacts

The Diocese of Camden, NJ is suspending all payouts to survivors of sexual abuse due to budgetary impacts from COVID. This is a hurtful and deceitful move that clearly shows that the best pathway for survivors to get justice is through the court system and not church-run programs.

Diocese of Covington Releases List of Abusive Clergy

The Diocese of Covington, Kentucky, has finally released a list of priests, nuns, and other church staff who have been accused of abuse. As one of the last dioceses in the country to release a list of “credibly accused,” we would expect their list to be one of the best in the country. Unfortunately, this list still needs significant improvements to be made.

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