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New clergy abuse lawsuit is filed

New clergy abuse lawsuit is filed

For years, priest held diocese-wide position

Group blasts relatively new northern California bishop

He held high posts in Fresno and Sacramento dioceses too

His ‘credibly accused predators’ lists is incomplete, SNAP says

Abuse victim reveals his identify for first time

Abuse victim reveals his identify for first time

While still a child, he reported the crimes to nuns

A school staffer reportedly cried at the disclosure

But SF Catholic officials didn’t stop the predator

The cleric was just ‘outed’ for the first time in June 

SNAP also urges church-goers to ‘boycott’ the archdiocese 

It’s one of just 2 dioceses in CA that hasn’t released pedophiles’ names

And it’s one of the few in the US that’s “still dragging its feet” 

Two Missouri bishops seek higher post

Two Missouri bishops seek higher post

They vie to head national abuse committee

SNAP ‘vigorously opposes’ head of KC diocese

With “hesitation,” group backs Jefferson City prelate

It admits KC’s Johnston, “despite failings, will likely be the winner

SNAP backs Texas prelate for USCCB President

Survivors of Clergy Abuse Gather Outside USCCB Meeting

“It is time for new leadership to take clergy abuse more seriously”

SNAP backs Texas prelate for USCCB President

Group “vigorously opposes” likely winner from California

Election will be held at USCCB meeting in Baltimore on November 11

Victims seek update on church abuse probe

Victims seek update on church abuse probe

KBI should issue ‘preliminary report,’ SNAP says

Group also wants more outreach and funding for it

KS attorney general asked for investigation one year ago

Bishops must update & expand their ‘accused’ lists, SNAP pleads

Victims to prelates: “Warn your flock about clerics who prey on adults too

New report slams ex-Salina bishop

New report slams ex-Salina bishop
It shows he destroyed abuse records
SNAP: Revelations are ‘very alarming’

Group seeks two investigations of him
It also seeks more funding for KBI investigation
Probe was requested by KS attorney general one year ago
And SNAP ‘outs’ another local predator priest not on bishop’s list

New Orleans archbishop acknowledges 57 abusive clergy

New Orleans archbishop acknowledges 57 abusive clergy

Catholic watchdog site lists 81 perpetrators

SNAP analytics suggests there are still others not yet reported

Revealing these "hidden predators" and their enablers helps to protect children today

Survivors’ group calls for AG investigation and statute of limitation reform 


New revelations out of Oklahoma about Tucson’s Catholic bishop are extremely disturbing

New revelations out of Oklahoma about Tucson’s Catholic bishop are extremely disturbing

Survivors fear that he may have employed the same tactics on abuse claims here

Victims’ group urges Church and lay investigations to uncover the truth

SNAP says that if anything has been hidden in this diocese it should now be exposed

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Victims in Colorado Continue to Come Forward

Convicted Priest Set to Appear Before Parole Board, SNAP Hopes He Will Remain Behind Bars

A priest in Kentucky who was convicted of child sexual abuse in 2016 has a parole hearing at 2:00 PM on December 16, 2019 in Frankfort.  The hearing is open to the public. We hope that he will be kept behind bars and away from other vulnerable children.

Child Rape Charges Filed Against Former Deacon in New Orleans

A grand jury in Louisiana has indicted a former deacon on charges of child rape. We applaud this decision and hope it will bring comfort and healing to his victims.

Diocese of Columbus Ordered to Release Records

An Ohio judge is forcing the Catholic Diocese of Columbus to turn over records about clerics who may have seen, suspected or hidden cases of sexual abuse. We applaud this ruling which we believe will lead to safer communities and more transparency about cases of sexual violence.

Recent Addition to the Diocese of Santa Rosa List Points to Need for Catholic Bishops to Do More

Another abusive priest has been recently added to the list of names for the Diocese of Santa Rosa. The name was apparently added after a reporter from another state pointed out that the cleric, who also worked in California, had been included on another list.

12 California Dioceses Subpoenaed by Attorney General, SNAP Reacts

Nun Accused of Abuse in New York Lawsuit, SNAP Calls on Order to Release List of Accused Sisters

A newly-filed lawsuit in New York accuses a Catholic nun of sexually abusing a young girl at a New York school. We call on the sister’s order to publicly release any information they have related to claims of abuse and to do outreach to potential victims.


Priest Arrested for Child Pornography Possession, SNAP Responds

A Catholic priest in Cleveland has been arrested for possessing child pornography and today his bond was set at $50,000. We applaud law enforcement for their work in this case, but there is still much more to do. Child pornography is a crime with many victims, many predators and a tragically long shelf life.

Priest Found “Unsuitable for Ministry” Following Accusations of Abuse

A priest who had been placed on leave in January following allegations of sexual abuse has been found “unsuitable for ministry.” We call on Catholic officials in Philadelphia to do outreach to potential victims and to publicize complete information on this cleric so that local communities will be fully aware of the allegations.


Diocese of London, ON Admits that Abusers Remain Hidden in their Files

The Diocese of London today acknowledged that the list put together by survivors from SNAP Ontario was not only correct, but that there were actually more names still hidden. We call on Catholic officials to release those names and work histories to the public in order to protect children and support survivors.

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