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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

Prominent pastor sued for abuse; SNAP responds

We applaud Cameron Greer for courageously reporting the abuse he says he suffered at the hands of his pastor. We are grateful he’s taking legal action to protect others and we are impressed by the courage he’s showing by discussing his experiences publicly. Abuse and cover up happen over and over again because many church members can’t summon the strength to speak out and because many church officials can’t summon the courage to disclosed crimes. Greer should be commended for acting responsibly to expose wrongdoing and safeguard others.

Child sex victims blast SD legislative panel

Yesterday, SD lawmakers refused to support a bill that would have made kids safer from child sexual predators. Shame on them.

Evidence will be allowed in, judge rules; SNAP responds

We are grateful that jurors will hear more evidence, not less evidence, of cover ups by Philadelphia Catholic officials. For far too long, the church hierarchy has split hairs, parsed words, exploited technicalities kept victims, parishioners and even prosecutors isolated and removed from “the big picture.”

SNAP blasts symposium in Rome as “window dressing”

How many meetings will it take for Rome to learn that child sex abuse is a crime, predators must be made public and jailed, and church officials who cover up for molesters must be held accountable?

Clergy victims back SD child sex abuse reforms

Besides jail, two things keep kids safe from child predators - publicly exposing predators and deterring others from concealing their crimes. There's no better way to do this than by reforming archaic, arbitrary, predator-friendly laws like the statute of limitations.

Accused KC Catholic priest quickly restored to ministry; SNAP responds

We’re disappointed that Fr. Matt Bartulica has been so quickly restored to his job despite allegations of sexual misconduct or abuse. How thorough could an alleged church “investigation” be if it just took a couple of weeks? 

OK Catholic official promoted to KS; SNAP responds

We’re disappointed that Msgr. Edward Weisenburger has been promoted. For the past 16 years, he has been a high-ranking official (vicar general) in an archdiocese (Oklahoma City) with a disturbing record with children’s safety. 

Suspended predator priest “retires;” SNAP responds

Sorry, “retirement” doesn’t cut it. Bishops promised to oust child molesting clerics, not let them voluntarily step down.

Catholic Cardinal on abuse: “We did nothing wrong!”

In a new, rare and stunning just-published interview, former NYC Archbishop Edward Egan made shocking statements about the church’s on-going clergy sex abuse and cover up crisis, including: 

Defrocked minister to lead retreat in Georgia

Defrocked minister to lead retreat in Georgia

In 1999 he admitted abusing boy at a retreat in Texas

Church fails to warn retreat-goers of his crimes

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