Imam arrested in Toronto for crimes in the US

Yesterday, a day after being acquitted of charges in Canada, police in Toronto arrested Mohammad Masroor for extradition to the US in the case of a Muslim cleric who is also accused of molesting in Michigan and Florida.

We are grateful to Toronto police for arresting this Imam before he could flee to a country where he could avoid extradition to the US. It is important that he face trial for the alleged abuse that allegedly occurred in Michigan and Florida. We hope that this arrest will bring hope to the children who have been victimized by him.

Given the history of allegations against Masroor and the multitude of countries to which he has ties, we believe that there are likely other victims out there suffering in silence. We urge anyone who may have seen or suspected crimes by Masroor or any other Imam will come forward and make a report to police.


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  • John C Massam
    commented 2022-05-09 10:15:50 -0500
    So, any person in a position of trust could be tempted, if that way inclined, to take advantage of another person, for sexual abuse. It’s not just the Roman Catholic Church. In fact, it is not just religions, though they seem to be the most prolific at these breaches of trust. I am willing to be proved wrong on that assumption, made after studying these matters since 2002.

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