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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

Church officials in Tucson and Los Angeles Sued for Racketeering

A lawsuit filed in federal court in Arizona alleges that St. John’s Seminary in California “produced a disproportionate number of sexual predators, many of which were then sent to Tucson, a known ‘dumping ground’ for abusive priests.” The Los Angeles Times reported that 65 of the Seminary’s 625 graduates between 1950 and 2005 have been accused of sexual abuse, higher than what studies in the United States have found for priests in general. 

Catholic Priest from Huber Heights Placed on Leave Following Accusations, SNAP Calls for Outreach

A Catholic priest from the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, OH, has been placed on leave following “an allegation.” Now we call for Church officials in Cincinnati to be forthcoming with parishioners and the public about the nature of these accusations and to do outreach at each and every parish where the cleric worked so that victims, witnesses, and whistleblowers are encouraged to come forward and make a report.

Leaked Transcript Makes Plain that Reconciliation Programs are Aimed at Protecting the Catholic Church, not Supporting Survivors

A recently leaked transcript has added more weight to a fact long suspected to be true – that the Archdiocese of New York had every intention of preventing the passage of the Child Victim’s Act. We are saddened but not surprised by this news, especially given that Catholic officials have spent millions trying to deny victims their day in court.

Horrifying Report from Ireland Demonstrates Human Toll of Enabling Institutional Abuse

A horrifying report from one of the world’s most Catholic nations is the latest in a series of government-commissioned investigations that demonstrates yet again the Church’s propensity for committing terrible abuses and then working to cover them up. We hope that this shocking report will spur other nations, including the US, into using the full powers of their government to investigate cases of wrongdoing within their own borders. We need to lay bare the truths that have long been hidden from the public.

A Catholic Priest Famed for Chess Talent Accused of Using his Skills to Groom and Abuse Altar Boys in New York

A Catholic clergyman famed for his chess skills has been accused of using those talents to groom and abuse at least two altar boys. We applaud these brave victims for coming forward and sharing their story publicly. We hope it encourages others who were hurt to make a report of their own and start healing.


Supporters of Popular Priest Accused of Abuse Demonstrate Publicly, Likely Scaring and Shaming Victims into Silence

Supporters of a popular and prominent Catholic priest in Chicago took to the streets to show their support for the accused cleric. While we understand that these supporters have a right to their opinion, we hope that in the future they will utilize alternative means of support that will not scare or shame victims into silence.

Diocese of Fall River MA Finally Releases List of Accused Priests

Finally, after years of refusal, Catholic officials in Fall River have followed the lead of nearly 160 other dioceses around the country and released a list of priests known to have abused children. This step is long overdue and must be followed by extensive outreach campaigns to ensure victims are informed, parishes are alerted, and the public can learn the true scope of clergy abuse within Fall River’s borders.

Catholic Officials Demand Silence from Journalists who Walk Out in Protest, SNAP Applauds their Integrity

Catholic officials in Cologne demanded silence from journalists who were invited to a press event on a report into the scope and handling of clergy sexual abuse within Germany’s largest and wealthiest Archdiocese. Instead, those reporters walked out as one, showing that their silence cannot be demanded and that parishioners and the public deserve the whole truth about this serious issue.

Prominent Chicago Pastor Accused, SNAP Applauds Victim

A popular Chicago priest has been removed from his duties while allegations of child sexual abuse against him are investigated. We applaud the brave victim for coming forward and hope that this news will encourage others who may have experienced or witnessed abuse to come forward and make a report to local police.

Serially Abusive Priest from Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown Sued Again

In a case that is a microcosm of the Catholic clergy sexual abuse scandal, the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown has been sued again. We applaud the brave victim who came forward and hope that this story will encourage other survivors to speak out as well.

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