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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

Bishop Finn’s scheduled court appearance has been postponed.

This is good news. It is often hard for victims, witnesses and whistleblowers to step forward and it often takes a lot of time for them to gain the strength to speak up. Now, they have more time. 

Letter to SNAP from a Whistleblower about Fr. Doyle

The links below will direct you to two pages of a letter that was sent to SNAP Outreach Director Barbara Dorris, explaining that the diocese is not being truthful when they claim that there had been no prior complaints about Fr. Brendan Doyle.

SNAP responds to financial compensation for Belgian victims

While no amount of money can restore the innocent shattered and make up for a childhood lost due to sexual violence, we are glad that this compensation fund is being furnished. However, survivors rarely want monetary compensation as a form of justice, but rather want to expose their perpetrator’s crimes as well as those who helped to conceal them, and want to prevent other children from suffering similar abuse. 

Victims blast upcoming Catholic abuse report

We’re highly skeptical of reports about clergy sex crimes and cover ups commissioned by the very same bishops who ignored and concealed those crimes.

No one should describe or consider this upcoming report “independent” in any way.

SNAP responds arrest of Fr. George Ansel Smith

We are grateful for the investigators in the RCMP for their dedication for pursuing Fr. George Ansel Smith. We also applaud the brave victims that came forward to help put this predator behind bars. 

Two groups seek action from bishop

  • Two groups seek action from bishop
  • "Seek out victims & witnesses,” they say
  • Priest admits viewing child porn in church rectory
  • Zubik should visit every parish where he worked, victims say
  • They urge prelate to “stop asking people to call church authorities”
  • Sex crimes must be reported to secular-not religious-officials, they say

SNAP blasts Bridgeport Diocese for handling of DeGraff

As has happened thousands of times in recent decades, a Catholic priest is accused of abuse, church officials keep the allegations secret, the cleric is moved elsewhere, no one is warned, and a child has apparently been sexually assaulted as a result.

Vatican honors Cardinal Law again; SNAP responds

Four sources indicate that Cardinal Bernard Law is the official Vatican representative at a large Catholic celebration in Syracuse on Sicily. If this is true, we are very upset.

Chaput silent while Lynn makes wild claims; SNAP responds

It’s disingenuous for Msgr. Lynn to claim, through his lawyers, that “no new children or young adults were harmed" because of his decisions. Lynn knows most child sex abuse victims can’t speak up and it takes years or decades for almost any child sex abuse victim to step forward.

SNAP applauds filing of civil suits against Bernie Fine

We’re grateful any time a child sex abuse victim finds the courage to take action against a child predator. We wish these brave men well in their effort to safeguard kids from a serial child molester.

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