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In August 2014 SNAP entered a community partnership with StoryCorps. Since 2003 StoryCorps has collected and archived more than 50,000 interviews with over 90,000 participants. With the storyteller's permission, each conversation is preserved at the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress.

StoryCorps is one of the largest oral history projects of its kind, and millions listen to their weekly broadcasts on NPR's Morning Edition and on their Listen pages. SNAP President Barbara Blaine was interviewed by her friend and mentor Judge Sheila Murphy and the story aired on WBEZ in Chicago August 1.

In honor of the 25th Anniversary of SNAP, during the 2014 National Conference Aug 1-3 StoryCorps reserved two full recording days for SNAP members to share their stories. We are so proud of the brave survivors who have made their stories available to you with the hope that those who have not yet found the courage, will be inspired to come forward.

Since then, others have been able to record at the StoryCorps booths in San Francisco, Atlanta and Chicago. They even have a mobile booth that may be coming to a town near you soon. We would love to hear your story! Explore the links below for more information. As always, feel free to call the SNAP office with any questions, 314-282-9936.

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  • Daria Wagoner
    commented 2020-12-05 04:39:51 -0600
    The further I research into this subject, the more disheartened I become. My father was a well-respected and well-educated Orthodox priest, our family lived a double-life.

    While there was no sexual abuse there was much physical and psychological abuse. There were many hidden secrets which the parishioners has no clue of involving drugs, alcohol and witnessed sexual escapades btw the priests who would perform services together on the altar, in the day’s light.

    I remain confused as to why priests are not held responsible for their actions as a lay person would be, and am disgusted by the cover-ups by the church. I applaud you all for having the courage to share your stories and hope to help shed more light on the matter.
  • Frank Ciervo
    commented 2020-09-26 23:41:02 -0500
    Br. now Fr. Robert Post taught at Bishop Gibbons (now Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons High School for more than in decade (mid-1960’s – mid 1970’s). I knew him for 7 years before and after I attended and graduated from BG. I found him to be an outstanding teacher and a compassionate counselor. The only issue I saw was that if he liked you, you were golden, if he didn’t, watch-out, your high school life could be uncomfortable. He defintely played favorites (And, no none of this was sexual in nature). During that time I knew of no one who whispered about, proclaimed or subsequently filed any complaints about sexual misconduct on his part. Post was at several assignments in addition to ND-BG throughout his career as a brother and priest, It is puzzling that during a 50 year time period the only allegations have surfaced from one high school in New Rochelle over a 3 year span. I am not an expert on how sexual predators think or act, but I have read numerous studies that indicate it is not a behavior that merely surfaces for a 3 year period and then disappears. If Post is a predator, why were his acts limited to only one school during his brief 3 year tenure there? Why are there no allegations from students before and after New Rochelle?
  • Toni Wyles
    commented 2019-12-04 14:06:01 -0600
    I’m 65 and just beginning to remember being molested by Father Aldeo Gilbert, Sacred Heart Church, Ville Platte, Louisiana. He always gave me the creeps. Now, I understand that and why I have been so angry, depressed and suicidal at times, through my life. Years ago, my mother asked me what happened and I couldn’t remember everything. She said, “I know something was wrong, because you wouldn’t talk all the way home (a 2 hour ride and I was 6). You were very uncomfortable that evening when he came to the meeting.” He reaked havoc on my entire family. Molested both of my older sisters, while claiming to form a ‘vocation club’ for girls who wanted to become nuns. Looking back, I realized that it was really a cult. I can’t quit crying.
  • John Traynor
    commented 2019-03-15 12:30:52 -0500
    My name is John Traynor. I am a songwriter and unable to be a catholic any longer. This last holiday season I was asked to compose a christmas song by my daughter. My song is called, “No Shepherds Watch”. It speaks in depth of the glory of God within all of us and directs our attention to the atrocities committed, over the years, by the Catholic Church, abusing the children in their care and the malicious cover up of these sins.


    You can listen to the song free at:
    There may be a $1 fee to download the file to your computer.
    My prayers are with you, John Traynor
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  • Judy Gubinski
    commented 2017-04-20 15:29:40 -0500
    For Judy Larson – my name is Judy as well. I am a private HSP assistant for a high level criminal investigator in the State of WV.

    I, too, was raised “Strict Catholic”, by an abusive mother, and have unraveled the fuller truth – that the dogmas the Catholic church was supposed to safeguard (because it was the church Christ taught) are technically preserved therein – but woefully misinterpreted throughout history by a child abuse tainted clergy – on the “right” and on the “left”.

    Scripture and Sacred Tradition never taught that God was a mean, wrongly judgemental Man with a Stick. This describes the Anti Christ – or what I like to call Brute Man, but not an all loving Father.

    Revelation is discovering that we were all born innocent, in the very Image and Likeness of the all good and all just God. He asks us to love Him – and that’s all He asks of us – a “fiat” of our heart and will. He asks us to believe that He exists and trust that he is GOOD. We are all really just little children, who cannot do anything on our own without a Father we can trust.

    It is Satan, erroneous parents, or abusive persons in religious institutions that lie about God’s nature and “condemn us”, or wrongly impose upon us a sense of shame and guilt, as if God has rejected us, which was never our burden or cross to bear. People may choose hell (because God won’t force Heaven or even our heart’s desire upon us) but God never “sends” someone there.

    This is the “real” “Catholic” teaching that corrupted man won’t tell you about.

    Even people who abuse others are only judged for culpability, and only God can determine that, and He knows the traumas they must have endured as children. I am not talking about tolerating or not exposing wrongs here, but about how God alone can “judge” someone’s “culpability” – and He is infinitely fair.

    I now think of the visible Catholic church and hierarchy as the “chosen” people – who crucified Christ. I think of the true Catholic (Catholic means “Universal”) church as ALL of the innocent children of God ,and people of good will, of every denomination – hidden within these broken religious institutions.

    The wheat is hidden among the chaf.

    You and all the voices on this site are the Real God’s Church, that “fled to the mountains”, as predicted in Scripture.

    And by the way, any connection to child abuse is one of the few offenses that automatically removes power of office from corrupted prelates. This teaching is as old as the Didache, echoed in current canons, and therefore means most priestly lines of ordination are invalid anyway.

    Please know that God is within you and always was.

    Your voice has touched me in a way today that I cannot even express in words, and goes beyond mere words. As an HSP it is very hard for me to listen to these stories without “feeling” and “sharing” all of the pain expressed. But I also sense the paradox, and wanted you to know. If you knew, if everyone on here knew, of how much God loves you – you would die of ecstacy – for in a deeper reality – outside of time – you have never left Heaven.

    And Judy, your sister has never left your side.
  • John Merryman
    commented 2016-09-02 06:44:52 -0500
    Thank you all for coming forward. You have told your stories for all of us to hear and you are on the record. Each of your individual experiences are important as they all add together to bring the truth to light. Your participation in with this is inspiring others to act as well. There is strength in action, confidence builds as we move forward. Thank you one and all for your courage and willingness to share. You are all, each and everyone, an inspiration.
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  • Erica Slown
    commented 2016-04-07 02:38:18 -0500
    I can’t talk about it. I can write my story in a sentence, a paragraph, an essay, or longer if desired. But I can’t talk, and I can’t read it aloud either. I’m not sure I can explain the difference, but it is there. Speaking of my abuse aloud, on record, breaks an emotional barrier that rips me apart. Do you ever post written accounts? Do you ever have an account read by a third party?
  • Erica Slown
    commented 2016-04-07 02:38:15 -0500
    I can’t talk about it. I can write my story in a sentence, a paragraph, an essay, or longer if desired. But I can’t talk, and I can’t read it aloud either. I’m not sure I can explain the difference, but it is there. Speaking of my abuse aloud, on record, breaks an emotional barrier that rips me apart. Do you ever post written accounts? Do you ever have an account read by a third party?
  • Anthony Sgherza
    commented 2016-02-14 17:56:23 -0600
    Just listened to Mary Dispenza interviewed by Joelle Casteix; incredibly inspiring and beautiful. I look forward to listening to them all; a testament to courage and healing.
  • John and Ann Heydt
    commented 2015-09-18 15:49:22 -0500
    Listened to each of them. Very moving and significant. All are amazing for sharing their their stories. Will help many who listen to find their voices. Can’t find words for the church and church people who tortured these children. Nor for the church people who were complicit in hiding, moving, aiding and abetting the torturers. Thank You.
  • Robin Bolt
    commented 2015-07-27 05:58:51 -0500
    I couldn’t listen, but I admire all of you who have stepped forward and raised your voices against anyone willing to allow, and or abuse others themselves… I have never suffered any abuse, but it is something that touches my heart and is very near & dear to me, whomever the criminal acted is done by… but to find strength to stand up to those who should be providing care for us, especially spiritually is beyond powerful… I applaud all of you for what you are doing to help one another, and those who cannot speak out, or have yet to become victims… Stay strong & know you are cared for dearly. Robin & family~
  • Don and Brenda Brunelle
    commented 2015-06-07 11:25:50 -0500
    I am still in Awe listening to these interviews and so very grateful to the SNAP Organization, our family of support.
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  • Barbra Graber
    commented 2015-01-30 21:55:27 -0600
    Thank you to all of you for sharing these stories. I’m blown away by your courage and strength and heart. And you make me know I’m not alone.
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  • Ralys(Ph.D.)
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    Very, very intresting history.ęstutis Ralys(Ph.D.)
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