Spring 2022

We hope your 2022 has been off to a healthy and happy start! We're glad you're connected with us and hope this April edition of our newsletter will give you some energy and ideas as we recognize April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Summer 2021

Welcome to new SNAP President, Shaun Dougherty!

For the past ten years, SNAP President Emeritus Tim Lennon has been a dedicated advocate for children and survivors. But all good things must come to an end and Tim's term on the SNAP Board of Directors has formally ended, and the Board has elected SNAP Leader Shaun Dougherty as our new President.

Shaun, a Johnstown, PA native, has been an ardent advocate for statute of limitations reform in New York and Pennsylvania to allow all survivors the justice they deserve. Before serving on SNAP's Board of Directors, Shaun's first trip to Harrisburg, PA, in 2016 inspired him to do more and become involved with SNAP. A survivor of clergy abuse himself, Shaun has spoken on national news about his abuse and the reforms that need to be made. Recently, in an ongoing battle for window legislation in Pennsylvania, it would not be uncommon to find Shaun in the Capitol Rotunda in Harrisburg shortly after the doors first open. Shaun is looking forward to bringing those same energies to other states with archaic statutes and, more importantly, help promote and represent the interests of survivors across the globe. 

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Spring 2021

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Winter 2020

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Fall 2020

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Summer 2020

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Spring 2020

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Winter 2019

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Summer 2019

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Spring 2019

SNAP in Rome, Leaders Meeting in Atlanta, Conference Update, and SNAP Highlights

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