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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

Diocese of Buffalo Wants to Speed Up Bankruptcy Process at the Expense of Survivors

Catholic officials in Buffalo are once again trying to deny victims of clergy sexual abuse their day in court, this time by pleading with a federal judge to change the rules that have been established and to reduce the amount of time survivors have to file a claim. We hope that this attempt is rejected by the court and that Diocesan leaders are not able to weasel out of responsibility for the abuse and cover-ups perpetrated within their see.

In Memory of Santiago “Charlie” Feliciano, a Brave Whistleblower

A longtime friend to SNAP and a brave whistleblower who worked for the protection of children and the vulnerable has passed away. We mourn the loss of our friend and a warrior in the fight for prevention and justice. We hope that the Cleveland community will accord his passing with the honor he deserves.

What Else is Archbishop Aymond Hiding?

Keeping child sexual abuse a secret is something that most survivors can empathize with, but this story is a bit different. Three men shared their secret with a friend and mentor while in high school at St. John Prep over forty years ago.  Who was that mentor? Then, Fr. Gregory Aymond, today the Archbishop of New Orleans

Report Released on Abuse within the Anglican Church, SNAP Reacts

A report on abuse and cover-up within the Anglican Church has revealed something that our organization has known for a long time – that institutions will put the desire to avoid scandal above the protection of the people in the community. We hope that this report will cause parishioners and the public to think differently about how they view churches and other organizations. We also hope that the report will lead to increased awareness and vigilance in every community so that children and the vulnerable can be protected from the scourge of sexual abuse.

Kansas City’s List of Accused Priests Quietly Updated but Remains Deficient

Another victim has been vindicated by the Kansas City, Missouri, diocese. But a hard look at the list released by Catholic officials in Kansas City shows that they continue to split hairs and obscure the truth.

SNAP Calls for Education and Outreach Following Ignorant Comments Regarding an Admitted Abuser Priest

Last week, a priest was removed from his position after admitting to his superiors that he had sexually abused at least one child. This week, Catholic officials in Louisiana are responding with care and compassion – for the priest, not his victim.

Catholic Priest Arrested in New Jersey for Child Endangerment

A Catholic priest from the Archdiocese of Newark has been arrested on multiple counts of using a juvenile to commit a crime and multiple counts of child endangerment stemming from the cleric’s time as a chaplain at a private Catholic school. While the charges are not child sexual abuse per se, we see in them concerning signs of grooming behavior and call on Archdiocesan officials to do outreach and ensure there are no hidden victims.

Serial Child Abuser Placed in Indigenous and Rural Communities, SNAP Responds

A new lawsuit contains disturbing allegations that sadly fit with the pattern of how Catholic officials have handled the problem of clergy sex abusers in their ranks: quietly remove them from their parish, transfer them to a far-away community, and move on. We applaud the brave victim who has brought this lawsuit forward and hope it encourages other indigenous survivors of childhood sexual abuse to speak up and make a report to law enforcement.

Bay Area Catholic Teacher Arrested for Child Sexual Abuse, SNAP Calls for Action from Church Officials

Another case of child sexual abuse has hit the Bay Area Catholic community. We call on San Francisco’s Archbishop to reverse his refusal to be transparent with the people of Northern California and we hope that this latest story will bring more pressure from parishioners and the public.

Diocese of Camden Declares Bankruptcy, SNAP Responds

A day after one of the nation’s largest catholic dioceses declared bankruptcy, one of New Jersey’s has followed suit. We believe that this movie is more about protecting church secrets than it is about a lack of assets and we hope that parishioners and the public will demand better of their church leaders.

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