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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

Survivors’ Group Calls for More Action from Church Officials in Cheyenne

Several weeks ago, we learned about potential charges being filed against a former Cheyenne, Wyoming bishop. Today, we are urging law enforcement officials to update the public and for church officials in Wyoming to take punitive action against their former leader.

Deacon Convicted of Abuse in Michigan, SNAP Applauds Survivor

A deacon in Michigan has just been convicted of sexually abusing a teenage boy. We hope that this sentence will bring comfort to his victims and will encourage others with information to come forward and make a report to police and the state attorney general.

Franciscan Monk who Transported and Abused Children from Mississippi also Spent Time in Philadelphia

A priest who has transported children across state lines in order to abuse them also worked and abused in Philadelphia. Now, we are asking the U.S. Attorney in Philadelphia to get involved in the investigation into his crimes and determine if there were others in the Philadelphia area who were hurt.

Once again another Pittsburgh Priest is Accused of Sex Abuse: SNAP responds

Survivors of clergy abuse calling on Federal authorities to investigate former Franciscan monk and his religious order for transporting children across state lines to sexually assault them

Group also concerned that cleric taught in a Green Bay diocese grade school from 1999-2010 after being credibly accused of child sex crimes in Mississippi

Letter to Mississippi and Wisconsin US Attorneys regarding Brother West

SNAP has written to U.S. Attorneys in two separate states, urging them to get involved in an investigation into a former Fransiscan monk, Brother Paul West. 

Accused Bishop Has Job in Rome Despite being “Suspended,” Vatican Tells Argentinian Court

SBC Rolls Out “New” Prevention Campaign, SNAP Responds

Six months after a massive exposé into cases of sexual violence and cover-up within the Southern Baptist Convention was published, church leaders have finally responded. Unfortunately, we feel that this response amounts to little more than a public relations effort.

Former Franciscan brother under current criminal investigation in Wisconsin for raping and physically assaulting African American children from Mississippi on trips to St. Francis and Appleton

A lengthy Associated Press investigation published today about a former member of a Wisconsin based Catholic religious under who is under current criminal investigation for multiple acts of felony child sexual assault in Mississippi, Wisconsin and New York State is raising troubling questions as to the treatment of racial or economically disadvantaged survivors of clerical child sex offenders by Catholic church officials. 

Texas House Bill 3809 to increase CSA SOLs effective September 1

We are here today because Texans need to know that the doors to justice just opened a little wider for survivors of child sexual abuse in our state.

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