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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

SNAP Applauds Connecticut Lawmaker who is Suing the Archdiocese of New York over Abuse

A Connecticut legislator is taking church officials in New York to court over abuse he suffered as a child. We applaud this brave survivor for taking this step and providing a highly visible example of survivors standing up for the protection of children.

Michigan AG Releases Preliminary Numbers in Investigation into Clergy Abuse, SNAP Applauds AG Effort

Yet another secular investigation into clergy abuse has uncovered more crimes than have been revealed by church officials. Most damning of all is the fact that at least twenty five priests that were found to be abusive were still working in active ministry in Michigan.

Investigative Report into Disgraced Bishop Michael Bransfield Released by Washington Post, not Church Officials

A report into allegations of abuse and financial impropriety against a disgraced West Virginia bishop has been released by the Washington Post. We applaud the journalists for the steadfast efforts to force the transparency that church officials have long promised but continuously fail to deliver.

Letter to California AG Regarding Loophole Keeping Children in Danger

Dear AG Becerra,

A lawsuit was recently settled between a Catholic high school and a survivor who was a student at the time of her abuse. The perpetrator was a lay teacher named Jeffrey Hicks. We call your attention to this matter because it highlights a number of contemporary failures that we hope your office will investigate and remedy.

Legion of Christ Releases Report on Abuse, SNAP Reacts

The Legion of Christ Catholic religious order just published a report into abusers within their society. Given that the society itself was founded by a pedophile priest who perpetuated a culture of abuse and cover-up, we doubt this report is fully complete.

After Decades of Cover-up and Minimization, the Vatican is Now “Overwhelmed” by Abuse Cases

The Vatican department tasked with investigating cases of clergy abuse is reportedly “overwhelmed” by the number of allegations they are receiving. We are glad that survivors around the world have been empowered to come forward and make reports of their abuse, and we hope that this trend continues in 2020.

Jesuit Priest in Buffalo is the Latest to be Named in a Sexual Abuse Lawsuit, SNAP Calls for Transparency from Jesuit and Diocesan Officials

Fr. Charles Lehmkuhl, a Jesuit from the Northeast Province who worked in Buffalo, NYis the latest clergy to be accused in a lawsuit for sexual abuse in New York. We applaud Matthew Ebert for his courage in going public and hope his example inspires others to come forward.

Six Men Come Forward in Camden and Trenton Thanks to NJ’s Window

Six men have come forward and gone public with their allegations of abuse against priests who spent time in the dioceses of Camden and Trenton in New Jersey. These revelations have only been made possible by the window legislation that was passed this year and we hope this story will encourage lawmakers in other states to introduce and pass window legislation of their own.

Convicted Priest Denied Parole, SNAP Applauds Decision

A Catholic priest in Kentucky who was convicted of child sexual abuse in 2016 was denied parole yesterday. We applaud this decision and are grateful that the parole board chose to put the protection of children first.

Canadian Jesuits to Release Names of Abusive Clerics, SNAP Responds

The Jesuits in Canada have committed to publicly releasing the names of clergy who are “credibly accused” of abusing children, a long overdue move that will hopefully prompt other religious orders and dioceses throughout Canada to follow suit.

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