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Victims blast Salina bishop

Victims blast Salina bishop

He admits four abuse ‘mistakes

But no wrongdoer is identified or apparently punished

“Disciplining the deceitful will stop cover ups,” group says

SNAP ‘outs’ 2 ‘credibly accused’ clerics who were left off list

And it worries that high ranking predator is in Salina diocese

They want KS bishop to disclose “others who are or were here too” 


Victims to distribute anti-abuse leaflets

Victims to distribute anti-abuse leaflets

They name 5 accused priests who were in Eastern KS

SNAP blast KS Catholic archbishop for “still hiding them

Prelate belatedly posted a list of 22 alleged abusive priests

But his list is “incomplete” and “leaves kids at risk” group says

SNAP: “Church staff should tell KBI what they know about crimes”


Victims to leafet at Lawrence church

They ‘out’ 2 new priests accused of abuse
The clerics are not on the archdiocesan list
But other church officials say their accusers are "credible"
So group launches eastern Kansas ‘outreach drive’ to find more victims

Admitted serial predator priest to be sentenced

Admitted serial predator priest to be sentenced

He’ll likely go back to prison for the second time

And another ‘just outed’ St. L cleric has quit his job

Archdiocese admits he’s ‘credibly accused’ of abuse

Still, he became a high-ranking state education official

SNAP blasts archbishop’s ‘accused’ list as “deceptive & incomplete

Victims blast US nuns organization

Victims blast US nuns organization

It’s meeting now in Scottsdale for 3 days

“Sisters are being reckless,” group says

SNAP: “We’ve been ‘repeatedly rebuffed by nuns

Group wants national data base of predatory sisters

“The nuns are more secretive even than the bishops,” victims say

It’s been 15 years since SNAP 1st sought help, unsuccessfully, from LCWR

Victims blast NOLA archbishop

Victims blast NOLA archbishop

They will hand fliers to church-goers

SNAP: His ‘accused priests’ list is incomplete

Group will ‘out’ threemore alleged local predators

And it wants a new ‘victims assistance coordinator

Archbishop uses a cleric; That’s wrong, SNAP says

Proposed Victims Rights bills would dramatically reform Wisconsin's child protection laws

Proposed Victims Rights bills would dramatically reform Wisconsin's child protection laws

Clergy Mandated Reporting Act would require all clergy to report suspected abuse

The Child Victims Act would eliminate civil statute on child sex crimes, open three year window for past abuse

CVA endorsed by Democrats Evers and Kaul during 2018 campaign, provisions supported by then Republican Governor Walker

Victims seek archbishop’s help, Group wants all Maryland predators ‘outed’

Victims seek archbishop’s help

Group wants all Maryland predators ‘outed

Some priests aren’t on his ‘credibly accused’ list

They’re deemed ‘credibly accused’ by other bishops

SNAP: “Stop splitting hairs start protecting kids

One of cleric, an admitted predator, has a church post

All the ‘missing’ prists were in MD but were ‘outed’ elsewhere

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