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SNAP to hold Sidewalk Press Conference in Baltimore

The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP) will speak about the new revelations that
identify many of the redactions that were made in the Attorney Genera’s report on the Child Sexual
Abuse in the Archdiocese of Maryland

WHAT: A sidewalk news conference, abuse survivors and advocates who are part of SNAP, the Survivors
Network of those Abused by Priests, will speak about the information revealed by the two major
newspapers in Baltimore. We know that several of the officials were completely complicit in
covering up and enabling abusers.

WHEN: Monday, May 8th at 11:30 am

WHERE: In front of the Archdiocese of Baltimore office, 320 Cathedral St. Baltimore, MD 21201
WHO: 7-10 abuse survivors and advocates, including the Maryland SNAP Leader David Lorenz, who
wants to see church officials remove any and all priests who knowingly mislead victims or enabled
abusers to continue harming children by their actions or lack of action.

SNAP writes abusers names on sidewalk

SNAP writes abusers names on sidewalk

Victims group wants five more predators exposed

Group says they should be listed on church website

Four of them are alive; three likely still live in this area

SNAP blasts bishop: “Your secrecy is endangering kids

Diocese now has almost 50 publicly accused clergy molesters

Victim Survivors and Advocates Applaud Maryland Attorney General Report and Passage of Child Victims Act

(Media Advisory for April 7, 2023) 

  • Victims applaud the release of the Maryland Attorney General Report
  • They also announce the passage of the Child Victim’s Act (CVA)
  • Demand that the Church add the 30 new names in the AG to their list and stop using hair-splitting distinctions to avoid being transparent
  • Demand that the Church provide the assignment history, last known location, and employment of perpetrators listed in the AG report
  • Demand that the Church stop fighting the constitutionality of the CVA


WHAT: Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters will announce the passage of the CVA along with the release of the scathing Attorney General report.  ,

-- Demand that the Archdiocese explain their recklessness and continued secrecy in not listing the 30 newly named perpetrators.

-- Celebrate the passage of the CVA and look forward to having it signed by the Governor of Maryland.

-- Demand that the Archdiocese of Baltimore provides work and assignment history for each of the perps listed in the report, their last known location as well      as whether they know if the perp is still living.

-- Demand that the dioceses of Washington DC and Wilmington, DE publicly release the information that they have given to the AG. 

WHEN: Friday, April 7th at 11:00 AM. 




(Media Advisory For February 15, 2023)



What: A coalition of Texas survivors of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) will gather in solidarity at the Capitol to educate legislators and their constituents about the need for SOL reform, giving voice to all survivors in the name of justice and healing.

When: Wednesday, February 15, 2023, 9:00 am to 11:00

Where: South Steps of the Capitol, 1100 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas.

Who: Texas leaders and members of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests SNAP); President and members of Survivors of Child Sex Abuse (SCSA); President and members of, SexAbuseRegistry,; Texas CSA survivors and their supporters and advocates. Speakers will include Rep. Ann Johnson, Texas House Member Dist. 134; Dr. Amy Kemter, San Antonio Psychotherapist who works with abuse survivors; Michael Johnson, 28-year veteran, retired law enforcement child sexual abuse investigator, and former director of Youth Protection for the national headquarters of the Boy Scouts of America and Whistleblower; Mr. Joe Alarcon, Kanakuk Youth Camp Survivor Advocate; as well as several child sex abuse survivors.

Why: HB 206,1 filed by Rep. Ann Johnson, and SB 751,2 filed by Senator Pete Flores, permanently eliminate the civil statutes of limitations (SOL) allowing survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA) to take legal action against predators, and the institutions who enabled them. It is retroactive, reviving previously expired SOLs. These SOL bills protect our community by exposing hidden predators. They empower survivors--no matter how long ago their abuse occurred--to speak out and get the healing support they need.

Victims to leaflet at SLU; Two new predator priests outed

(For Release February 13, 2023) 

Two predator priests just 'outed' at SLU
SNAP writes names of 12+ accused clerics on sidewalk
University refuses to reveal & post a list of abusers, group says
SNAP will leaflet students warning of other accused SLU molesters
Group asks SLU to do "real outreach" to possible victims, witnesses
WHAT: Handing out leaflets and holding signs, clergy abuse victims will warn St. Louis University students and staff about 
--two credibly accused abusers who were 'outed' just days ago, and
--a seminarian who allegedly raped, assaulted, and spread defamatory rumors about a young man in 2019. The accused now attends SLU and faces a recently filed civil lawsuit.
They will also
--use chalk to write names of a dozen or more predator priests who worked or lived at the school on the sidewalk, and 
--urge SLU officials to post on their website the names of credibly accused child molesting clerics (like most dioceses and many Catholic institutions do) and actively help law enforcement by aggressively seeking other victims, witnesses and whistleblowers in the most recent case.
Monday, Feb. 13, at 1:30 p.m.
On the sidewalk in the 200 block of North Grand near St. Francis Xavier 'College' Church  (on the campus of St. Louis University) in St. Louis MO
Four-six members of a support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, including a St. Louis man who is the group's former longtime national director.
Late Friday, St. Louis University disclosed that two priests who worked there have been “credibly accused” of sexual abuse. One of them, Fr. David V. Meconi, was at SLU as recently as 2021. He directed the university's Catholic Studies center, and allegedly abused between 2015-2016.
The other is Fr. Daniel Campbell (deceased), a faculty member in the late 1950s.
SNAP wants the university to provide many more details about these and other proven, admitted or credibly accused clerics who are or were at SLU. The group also wants SLU president Fred Pestello and his staff to aggressively seek out others who may have seen, suspected or suffered crimes or misdeeds by Fr. Merconi. Since his alleged wrongdoing was recent, he might be prosecuted and kept away from other vulnerable people, SNAP believes.
In recent years, SNAP members handed out leaflets on the SLU campus prodding university officials to post on their website the names of credibly accused child molesting clerics (like the archdiocese does). Their leaflets named these priests who have been publicly accused of abuse and have lived or worked at SLU. (Everyone has been 'outed' and deemed 'credibly accused' of abuse by church or secular authorities and written about in mainstream media sources.)
They are Fr. Walter P. Buetzler, Fr. David C Bayne, Fr. Franklyn W. Becker, Fr. Edward F. Beutner, Fr. Floyd A. Brey, Fr. Vincent W. Bryce, Fr. John J. “Jack” Campbell, Fr. James A. Condon, Fr. Juan Carlos Duran, Fr. Paul A. Frey, Fr. Chester E. Gaiter, Fr. James F. Gates, Fr. John Harrington, Fr. Gerhardt B. Lehkmuhl, Fr. Jerold W. Lindner, Fr. Eugene Maio, Fr. Charles H. Miller, Fr. John N. Morfin, Fr. James Glenn Murray, Fr. Thomas J. Naughton, Fr. James V. O’Connor, Fr. George M. Pieper, Fr. John Slowey, Br. Richard H. Witzofsky,  seminarian Francis J. Kegel and former SLU president Daniel O’Connell (who was sued by two former women who say he assaulted them when they were young, vulnerable students).
SNAP feels that for the safety of innocent kids and vulnerable adult, these names should be permanently and prominently posted on the SLU website.
NOTE: Last year, SNAP warned the SLU community about a credibly accused abusive seminarian from Tennessee who is now a SLU student. For details, see The Pillar or these links:
David Clohessy, SNAP Leader Missouri (314-566-9790, [email protected])

Survivors and Advocates in DRC call for Zero Tolerance for Clergy Sex Abuse


MEDIA ALERT (page 4 en français)

[For Immediate Release, January 25, 2023; ]


Current Clergy Sex Abuse Cases in DRC Exposed


Historic Press Conference to be held on Eve of Pope’s visit to the DRC on Clergy Sex Abuse


Clergy sex abuse victims in Kinshasa call on Pope to help


Survivors and Advocates in DRC call for Zero Tolerance for Clergy Sex Abuse


For the first time in Africa, international activists will join with Congolese survivors and advocates in a press conference to highlight the failure of the Catholic Church to protect survivors and whistleblowers. 


Pope Francis will visit the Democratic Republic of the Congo the week of January 31 to February 3, 2023. On Monday January 30, survivors of clergy sexual abuse and their advocates from the Congo, U.S. and Europe will be in Kinshasa to hold a press conference in order to:


  1. Share information regarding a current case of clergy sex abuse and cover-up in the DRC, including details on how the victim and her family have been silenced and the harm done to her advocates.  The victim and a witness are scheduled to testify by Zoom during the press conference.
  2. Expose corruption within the DRC judicial system that has benefitted church officials and perpetrators at the expense of the abused; 
  3. Insist Pope Francis enforce his recently enacted "apostolic letter"  by immediately removing and sanctioning abusive priests and their bishop enablers to send an important message to the continent of Africa that there is zero tolerance for clergy sex abuse and coverup.



Survivors and Advocates urge others to step forward as New California law has opened a window to justice for those sexually assaulted as adults



Media Advisory

(For Immediate Release January 25, 2023) 



New California law has opened a window to justice for those sexually assaulted as adults

Survivors and advocates will gather at the State Capitol today to call attention to AB 2777

Whether the abuse occurred in a religious institution or elsewhere, SNAP urges victims to take advantage of this opportunity

WHAT: At a sidewalk news conference, abuse survivors and advocates who are part of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, will gather to draw public attention to The Sexual Abuse and Cover-Up Accountability Act (Assembly Bill 2777), which went into effect on January 1st. SNAP will urge those who were the victims of sexual assault as adults to consider filing civil lawsuits for damages against those who abused them and the institutions that covered up for the perpetrators.

WHEN: January 26, 2023, at 1 PM

WHERE: California State Capitol, 1315 10th St (between L and N Streets), Sacramento. We will gather on the lawn to the left of the steps.

'Victims back reform bill & seek predators' names'

(For Immediate Release January 19, 2023) 


Victims back reform bill & seek predators' names

They blast ex-Kansas AG for 'weak, vague' report

Group files "Open Records Act" request to publicly ID abusers

Survivors want more time to 'seek justice & expose molesters.’



Holding signs at a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims will ask the Kansas attorney general to protect kids by:

--publicly naming dozens of unknown child molesting clerics recently investigated by the KBI, and
--releasing the full abuse report, not just a 21-page summary.

They will also give out copies of an Open Records Act request they're sending to the new AG to learn the identities of those 'who committed or concealed child sex crimes' and blast his predecessor for issuing a "weak, vague and short abuse report" that "protects wrongdoers, not children."


Friday, Jan. 20 at 1:15 p.m.


On the sidewalk outside the Johnson County Courthouse on Santa Fe Street (north of the administration building and west of city hall) in Olathe Kansas


One-two Kansas state legislators, a former Kansas cleric, a Kansas abuse survivor who testified before a panel in Topeka, and three-four abuse survivors (some who belong to a support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests)


1) Earlier this month, then-AG Derek Schmidt refused to publicly name even one proven, admitted, or credibly accused child molesting Catholic cleric when he released what SNAP calls a "short, weak and vague" report into the church's ongoing abuse crisis. (Other state AGs across the country have done far more thorough reports and disclosed names of abusers.)

SNAP is asking Schmidt's successor Kris Kobach to voluntarily reveal the names of dozens of Kansas Catholic clergy who have perpetrated, ignored, or hid child sex crimes and release a longer, more detailed report that 'will deter other institutions from similar cover-ups.'
And the group is filing a formal Open Records Act request for the names.

2) The victims strongly support a measure, now pending in the Kansas legislature, that would make it easier for child sex abuse victims to "expose those who commit or conceal crimes against kids" in civil courts. It is sponsored by Sen. Cindy Holscher (D-Overland Park) and Rep. Bob Lewis (R-Garden City) and relaxes the state's "archaic, arbitrary and predator-friendly" statute of limitations, SNAP says, which both "helps protect vulnerable children and heal wounded adults."

CONTACT: David Clohessy 314 566 9790, [email protected], Tom White  913 927 2859, [email protected]

(SNAP, the Survivors Network, has been providing support for victims of sexual abuse in institutional settings for 30 years. We have more than 25,000 survivors and supporters in our network. Our website is


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