SNAP leaders call on the Archdiocese of San Antonio to update the abusive clergy list and to include Marianists priests who served San Antonio

WHAT: Holding signs at a news conference, survivors of clergy abuse and their supporters will identify the accused Marianist clergy members who have worked in this community, provide contact information for support for any new survivors coming forward, urging them to report any abuse to law enforcement first. SNAP calls out the archdiocese and St. Mary’s to be proactive in finding survivors who may need support.

WHEN:  Wednesday, June 23, 2021. 12pm

WHERE: Outside the San Antonio Archdiocese headquarters, 2718 Woodlawn Ave, on the public sidewalk in front of the Archdiocese sign.

WHO: 3-4 Clergy abuse survivors and advocates who belong to SNAP, The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

WHY: Studies confirm that perpetrators do not stop abusing, and most have many victims. When we see a case in another location, we must err on the side of science and safety to assume these predators had victims everywhere, especially when we know how difficult it is for survivors to report their past abuse.

 For the safety of children and vulnerable adults, SNAP reveals 12 additional accused Marianist clergy, all of whom lived and worked in San Antonio. For the honor of all clergy abuse survivors, many of whom may still be suffering in silence, SNAP is highlighting the names of clergy who may have harmed those in our community and evaded justice.  Of the six still believed to be living, three are still Marianists but are “removed from public ministry, working under safety plans.” They include:

  • John N. Schlund, Removed from public ministry, put on safety plan in 2004. (Worked at Central Catholic HS, TECABOCA retreat in Mountain Home, Texas) No other information is available. Current location unknown. (*Found a John Schlund, on Linkin: Manager at Marianist Province of US, Cupertino, CA.??)
  • Vincent Wayer, Removed from public ministry, put on a safety plan in 2002. (Assignments at Our Lady of Guadalupe parish and St. Mary’s University) The current location is unknown.
  • William Mueller, Withdrew from Marianists,1986. Lawsuits by multiple high school students in Pueblo, CO (1966-1971). Victims reported he pretended to perform experiments on them. (Bishop Accountability also states he worked at Central Catholic H.S., San Antonio, 1971-81) He was in St. Louis in 1981 until he was sent to a treatment facility in the fall of 1983, since he was performing bizarre research experiments.) Placed again in High School in St. Louis in 1984 but fired in 1985 after the parents of 2 boys complained about his behavior. More lawsuits filed against him in 2005 in Co and St. Louis alleging abuse under the guise of psychological experimentations. Adam Horowitz, a Miami lawyer, said he also had clients in Texas. Current location unknown, but last reported to be living in San Antonio.
  • Mariano Pariante, Laicized in 2001. (assigned to St. Mary’s University) list reports: “Limited to child pornography” Current location unknown.
  • Thomas Purcell, Withdrew from Marianists, 1990. According to Bishop Accountability, he was convicted of child abuse in Arizona in the 1980s, prison for 9 ½ yrs, released in 2012. He threatened his victim by turning them into border patrol. (Worked at Central Catholic H.S., Holy Rosary parish) The current location is unknown.
  • Mark Baier, Withdrew from Marianists, 1994. No other information was found. The current location is unknown.

Charles Miller, already on the list, was removed from public ministry and placed under supervision on a safety plan in 2007 after a woman alleged she was sexually abused as a minor by Miller in 1980.  Miller was at St. Mary’s University from 1980 to1999, then in 2003- 2007. He resigned from St. Mary’s in 2007. Current location not known. (This information is on SA Archdiocese list.)

The 6 deceased accused clergy include:

  • Robert D. Wood died in 2016. No information was found on reports of abuse. (Worked at St. Mary’s as a professor of history and anthropology, from 1972 off and on until 1986 (sent to Mexico, then Peru, then Rome throughout those years) then from 1990 to 2010 was an archivist and curator St. Mary’s University. Founder of the Society of Mary in Mexico. Coached track and field. Author. St. Mary’s Robert D. Wood Scholarship fund, 2007, begun in his name. (Dates from Obituary)
  • Harold Lootens died in 2014. No information was found on reports of abuse. Taught at Central Catholic H.S. in San Antonio around 1950-52. Then the next 40 years was in Missouri as an H.S. educator and guidance counselor. He returned to San Antonio in 1994 due to health issues, often playing the grand piano at the University Center at St. Mary’s University. (Info and dates from Obituary)
  • Eugene T. Fitzsimmons, died in 2011. Withdrew from Society of Mary in 2000. (Worked at Central Catholic HS) Accused by one of the “Texas 7” escaped prisoners (5/9/02) who was ultimately executed. Fitzsimmons pled to the 5th amendment when called to witness the trial for this death row inmate who had accused him of abuse. (Bishop Accountability)
  • William R. Kennealy died in 1995. No information on reports of abuse was found. (Worked at Central Catholic High School. 1955 -1958, 1964-1966, dates found in obituary)
  • Louis J. Meinhardt. Died in 1990. The civil lawsuit in Missouri by at least 12 Chaminade College Prep students, 2012. Nicknamed “the kissing coach.” Letters to 1,600 former students resulted in 30 letters in response claiming knowledge of sexual abuse by Meinhardt. (St Louis Post dispatch)Info from Bishop Accountability. (Assignment at St. Mary’s University)
  • Marvin F.Sanneman, died 1987. (assignments at Central Catholic HS, St Mary’s University) No other dates or abuse information was found.

Patrick McNulty, already on the San Antonio Archdiocese list, died in 1984. In 2002, a survivor alleged McNulty sexually abused her in the ’70s when she was a child. Assigned to Holy Rosary Parish and Our Lady of Guadalupe in Helotes. SA Archdiocese found the survivor to be credible. According to the Marianist list, McNulty also was assigned to Central Catholic HS in SA(this information was not included on our San Antonio Archdiocese accused clergy list and should be also be updated with this information.)

One year ago, during the peak of the pandemic, the Marianists released their list. One year ago, SNAP San Antonio wrote to the Marianist Provincial, Rev.Vasquez, asking him to revise the list and provide photos and all the information available to help survivors to piece together their traumatic history: No response. One year ago, SNAP San Antonio wrote to the Archbishop asking him to notify all parishes and post the names of accused clergy in San Antonio:  No response.  One year ago, SNAP SA wrote to Mr. Mengler asking that he go a step beyond a mere statement to the public (Marianist Province releases names of vowed religious members credibly accused of sexual abuse of minors ( and send letters to all students and alumni who attended the university during the time that the alleged perpetrators were at the University. Mr. Mengler responded to SNAP but did not address the recommendation of reaching out to all individuals at risk.

Contact: Patti Koo, SNAP San Antonio (956-648-7385, [email protected]) Zac Zepeda, SNAP San Antonio (210) 317-7511, [email protected]) Mike McDonnel, SNAP Communications Manager (267- 261-0578, [email protected])  Zach Hiner, SNAP Executive Director (517-974-9009, [email protected])

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