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PA - Victims “out” two abusive Catholic priests

Both worked in Pittsburgh & abused elsewhere

Settlements have been paid out in both cases

One is the third predator at one McKeesport school

SNAP blasts Catholic officials for “on-going secrecy

It urges bishop to post all predator priests on his website

AR - SNAP Urges Little Rock Bishop Taylor to Protect Children and Heal Victims

Victims to leaflet mass-goers

They list seven accused Ark. predators

Most have attracted little public attention

Several molested elsewhere but spent time here

Last year, one led a retreat, another was honored

Group urges bishop to post all child molesting clerics on websites

AR - Molester Pleads Guilty, Bishop Asked to Do More in Little Rock

For immediate release: Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Victims write parents & judge about teachers

Both will be in court in Little Rock next week

One of them pled guilty to molesting a student

Another didn’t report the crimes as required by law

Group wants families & school officials to help prosecutors 

And it tells Little Rock’s bishop “Do aggressive outreach now”

Parents should “ask their kids if they saw or suspected wrongdoing,” victims say

OH - Victims want action by bishop

They want to know where two accused predators are

And they urge him to write to his colleagues in two states

An accused Youngstown pedophile priest worked in MD & MI

Another was sent away in 2011 but his whereabouts aren’t clear

SNAP to Murry: "Tell your flock when, why, and who is ousted deacon"

OH - Child sex victim speaks

He says he was abused by teacher

Alleged perpetrator is still on the job

Man reported abuse to prosecutor & bishop

Bishop says he investigated but did so secretly

But Catholic prelate claims “No evidence” was found

SNAP: “A second person also reported misdeeds” against deacon to us

Group wants alleged wrongdoer suspended from his teaching post

OH - Victims make ‘last ditch’ plea

Priest will be sentenced next week

He was found guilty on child sex charges

But cleric faces only five years behind bars

And he worked at six places in Columbus area

SNAP to bishop: “Help keep predator locked up”

Group wants Catholic officials & public to write to judge & prosecutor

IL - Pedophile priest case settles for $1.35 million

Pedophile priest case settles for $1.35 million

Ex-Peoria bishop is also accused of wrongdoing

Controversial prelate now heads Newark archdiocese

His 200 page deposition is being released for first time

And long-secret records of child molesting cleric are disclosed

Victims urge others who “saw, suspected or suffered crimes to speak up

Two more NJ predators are “outed”

Two more NJ predators are “outed

Both are Catholic clerics from elsewhere

One sexually abused a girl in Los Angeles

The other molested in both Texas and Illinois

Neither priest has ever gotten attention in NJ

New records showed a third predator was in Newark

SNAP wants help from a parish, a school & three bishops

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