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CA- Victims want accused priest disciplined

Victims want accused priest disciplined

He’s accused of raping a pre-teen girl

Catholic officials supposedly “retired him

But cleric still acts like a priest in public

He was on radio & TV as archdiocesan spokesman

Group urges others he hurt to “come forward & get help

It also blasts SF church officials for “continued secrecy and inaction

SNAP: For kids’ safety, Archbishop should put him in secure treatment center

MO - Two predator priest cases end

Each settled for six figure amounts

One man was assaulted by two clerics

A Catholic religious order resolved his suit

But Bishop Finn’s diocese refuses to do so

In the other case, predator admitted wrongdoing

MO --"Disturbing" deposition in clergy sex case is released

“Disturbing” deposition in clergy sex case is released

It talks of “drunk priests with erections touching each other

In it, a 2nd person accuses priest of “acting improperly” with a child

That cleric is being sued for molesting a KC girl and is now in Nevada

SNAP wants him brought back to MO and put in a treatment facility

DC - New court cases about clergy abuse

One targets DC area Catholic facility

Hundreds of predator priests have been sent there

The center was sued this week for the first time ever

The other case let’s an accused Maryland  priest “off the hook

IL - Victims “out” 2 more abusive clerics

Cases settle against a nun and a priest

Both abused kids elsewhere but worked in Chicago

SNAP blasts Catholic officials for “on-going secrecy”

It urges Cardinal George to add names to his predators’ list

Group also praises governor & lawmakers for “major child sex reform law” 

MO - Victims to hold vigil outside courtroom

Archbishop asks judge to reverse himself

Church was ordered to turn over predators’ records

But Catholic officials are delaying & trying to limit info

At same time, Carlson wants a teenage victim’s emails

AZ - Convicted molester works at Tucson church

Child sex offender is music minister

Man pled guilty in 2000 to molesting girls

He did prison time and is still on probation

Now, musician heads group that performs in churches

SNAP fears he may have hurt or may be hurting AZ kids

CT - Groups challenge new Catholic official

Priest was convicted of killing a nun on his watch

SNAP says Catholic officials hurt police investigation

Even in prison, murderer remains a priest & hasn’t been defrocked

New Hartford archbishop should post names of predators on  website

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