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TX--Victims want church's help

Victims want church’s help

Two accused predators worked there

One’s in prison; the other’s at a different church

Self help group says “If you were hurt, come forward

It also urges Houston congregation to “do outreach to others

MO-Catholics urge judge to “hold firm”

Catholics urge judge to “hold firm

They want “openness” about predator priests

Groups to archbishop: “Start obeying court order

“Our donations should not go to church lawyers,” they say

“Nor should our contributions finance more hurtful secrecy 

PA -Victims to leaflet Philadelphia cathedral

Victims to hand fliers out to church-goers

It urges those who “saw, suspected or suffered” crimes to speak up

They beg prosecutor to appeal

To Archbishop Chaput “stop stonewalling prosecutors”

OH - Victims to leaflet at Mansfield area churches

They reach out to others who have been abused

Support group begs “Break your silence & get help

“That’s best way to heal & protect others,” SNAP says

OH - Victims seek action about 2 priests

And they lay out hopes for incoming bishop

Group wants signs down that honor “wrongdoers

TN - Victims challenge Catholic bishop

Memphis priest is accused of child sex abuse

He allegedly participated in "orgies" with other clerics

Group also wants prelate to post names of all predator priests

NY - Victims Challenge Vatican at UN on Clergy Sex Cases

Catholic Officials in Violation of Treaty on Rights of the Child

December 10, 2013, New York – Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims and their attorneys will announce a formal new filing in their challenge of the Vatican before the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child tomorrow. The submission will address recent cover-ups in the Church and the Holy See’s claims to the committee that it is only responsible for what happens within the walls of Vatican City.

IL- SNAP blasts archdiocese

SNAP wants Cardinal to suspend priest

Instead, he’s being asked to “step aside

Group: He should be put in treatment center

Last week, a serial predator’s time in Chicago was disclosed

He molested in Minnesota; has never been “outed” in Chicago


Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims and supporters will

--criticize Chicago Catholic officials for letting a credibly accused predator priest resign,

--urge them to suspend him instead and put him in a treatment center away from kids,

--disclose that another priest, who abused at least three kids in Minnesota, also worked in Chicago, &

--urge anyone who was hurt by either cleric to call police, not church officials.


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