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IL- Victims want law enforcement to "step up"

Victims want law enforcement to “step up


Group urges more action by police & prosecutors


"Use bully pulpit to beg others to come forward," SNAP says


And victims want a bishop ousted from board of a boys' home


Others who concealed abuse must be disciplined too,” they say


That's never happens & that's why cover ups continue, SNAP contends



Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters will urge Chicago law enforcement officials to

--aggressively and publicly beg those with knowledge or suspicions of clergy sex crimes to step forward,

–launch grand jury investigations into the ongoing church abuse & cover up scandal, and

--be more resourceful about bringing ANY kind of charge against complicit officials.

The group will also urge the Chicago Catholic hierarchy to

--remove a “complicit” bishop from the board of a local boys home, and

--prevent future cover ups by punishing other “enablers” - the church staffers who ignored or hid evidence or warnings of clergy sex crimes, especially those clerics whose names appear in the just-released, long-secret church abuse records.



TODAY, Wednesday, Jan. 22 at 1:45 p.m. 

Poland- Victims prod Polish government

 Victims prod Polish government

They want two accused clerics to face justice

Group to secular authorities: “Insist on their return

Leading advocate to Catholic officials: “Pressure the Vatican"

SNAP wants “aggressive outreach” to possible victims in Poland

SC- Victims beg others to “step forward”

Victims beg others to “step forward

Pedophile priest case heads toward trial

Support group seeks other's who've been hurt

SNAP: “If you saw, suspected or suffered crimes, speak up!

Group also wants bishop to post predators' names on church websites

It's the most important step bishops can take to protect kids now,” SNAP says

Thirty US dioceses have done this; in SC, at least 13 priests are publicly accused

IL- Victims want to know where predator priests are now

Victims want to know where predator priests are now

They beg Catholics: “Help us find abusers & warn others

30 child molesting clerics' records made public on Tuesday

Some of them live among unsuspecting neighbors, SNAP says

Victims blast Chicago Catholic officials for hiding their whereabouts

Parishioners should read the new files & insist that “enablers” be punished

IL- Another Catholic predator is "outed"

He’s never been exposed in Chicago before

Cleric worked for ten years at south side parish

And despite allegations against him, he’s still on the job in MA

SNAP also exposes nine Jesuits who shielded notorious pedophile

He’s in prison, was Mother Teresa’s confessor & molested Chicago kids

Cardinal George should denounce and discipline those who shielded him


Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, clergy sex abuse victims and their supporters will

-- publicly expose, for the first time, a credibly accused child molesting cleric who spent six years at a Chicago parish and is still on the job today in Massachusetts,

-- make public a list of nine Jesuit priests who ignored or hid reports and warnings about a high-profile convicted serial predator priest,

They will also urge Cardinal Francis George to

--publicly denounce the nine Jesuits and urge their supervisors to discipline them, and

--take similar steps to punish any archdiocesan officials who are shown (in the soon-to-be-released 6,000 pages of church abuse records) to have protected predators or endangered kids.

CA- Victims urge Stockton Bishop to come clean

Victims to Bishop: Come clean about fugitive cleric

Stop defending indicted priest, SNAP urges Catholic official

Bishop must not use bankruptcy to stonewall victims, they say

IL- Victims "out" nine Catholic predators

Victims “out” nine Catholic predators

They have not been exposed in Chicago before

And none of their records will be released by archdiocese

Yet all worked and lived in the area, sometimes for years

George keeps “hairsplitting” & hiding religious order offenders

Group to church officials: “Disclose ALL child molesting clerics

SNAP begs Catholics: “Read the actual documents when posted next week


Holding signs and childhood photos at a sidewalk news conference, on the day hundreds of pages of long secret clergy sex abuse and cover up records will be turned over, victims and supporters will release names and information about nine child molesting clerics who worked in the Chicago area, abused elsewhere and have almost never been publicly disclosed in this area before as offenders.

They will also

---urge Cardinal Francis George to post names, photos & records of ALL archdiocesan predators (not just the ones who are sued),

-- do the same with religious order clerics, so that kids can be protected and victims can heal, and

---blast him for continuing to protect a third or more of the abusive clerics who have been in Chicago.  

Switzerland- Victims leaflet outside cathedral

Victims leaflet outside cathedral

They urge church members & staff to report suspicions

Group blasts Pope Francis for refusing to protect children

Catholic officials should encourage reporting to police



Holding signs and childhood photos, clergy sex abuse victims will hand out fliers to passers-by encouraging anyone with information about sexual misconduct with children report and blasting Pope Francis and Catholic officials for refusing to protect children.


They will also urge church officials to “actively seek out” anyone who “saw, suspected or suffered” clergy sex or cover ups and beg them to call police and prosecutors so that kids might be safer.

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