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Victims blast Richmond, VA church members

Victims blast Richmond church members

Board publicly back recently-arrested minister

Pastor is accused of molesting two girls in Texas

Group says rallying behind alleged molester is “hurtful

It “intimidates other victims, witnesses & whistleblowers,” SNAP charges

KC Two new suits filed against predator priest

Two new suits filed against  predator priest

He was convicted last year on child porn charges

In new approach, little-known Missouri law is used

It forbids surreptitious underwear pictures of anyone

Support group wants suspended clerics put in treatment centers

KY- Victims want bishop's help

Victims want bishop's help


"Warn flock about predator," they plead

And kick him out of your diocese, group says

Kentucky priest is accused of molesting 4 kids

Yet he is not being supervised and still does "ministry"

MO- KC bishop “outs” 3 victims, group says

KC bishop “outs” 3 victims, group says

In unusual move, he discloses their identities

SNAP: “Dozens more victims could suffer same fate”

As plaintiffs in child sex cases, their privacy is guaranteed

But Finn’s lawyers release their names when they are witnesses

Defense maneuver comes in parent’s wrongful death suicide suit

Accused predator priest is Missouri’s “most notorious” abusive cleric, SNAP says

IL- Predator ex-priest works as counselor

Predator ex-priest works as counselor

He’s accused of molesting at least five kids

And he’s now at Advocate health care center

SNAP wants Chicago archdiocese to explain this

Group wants “answers and action” about pedophile

It begs George to disclose whereabouts of other child molesting clerics

MO- Parents of suicide victim file unusual suit

It charges that a Catholic priest raped their son

In 2003, cleric was convicted of molesting another boy

Now defrocked, he lives in St. Charles Co. & works at Starbucks

Victim, who wanted to become a priest, took his own life in 2009

NJ- Victims blast Newark archbishop

They want national church panel to act

Group also seeks action by Cardinal Dolan 

NYC prelate is America’s top Catholic official 

SNAP: Myers must be "denounced and disciplined"

“Ignoring wrongdoing encourages wrongdoing,” it feels

"Until enablers are punished, abuse will continue," victims say

IL- Victims want Joliet bishop ousted

Victims want Joliet bishop ousted

He leaves predator priest unsupervised

And that child molesting cleric molests again

SNAP to Cardinal George: “Where are your predators?”

Group urges Catholic officials to put them in treatment centers

Victims also urge Cardinal to help oust his colleague from abuse post

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