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Miguel_cropped.pngMaking a Difference in Spain! You Can help!

Miguel Hurtado, a brave survivor abused while growing up in the ‘90s in Spain, has become a physician and works in London. He spoke at the SNAP conference last summer and testified with SNAP leaders at the United Nations.

Miguel is now demanding that the Pope fire the Archbishop of Granada for suspending only three of the ten accused priests that have been charged for either child abuse or covering up the crime in the biggest clergy sex abuse case in Spain’s history. Read Miguel's statement here.

Back in December Miguel started a petition on demanding that the Archbishop of Granada, Spain take action to protect children rather than merely praying for forgiveness after three priests were arrested for abusing children. Read the statements in Spanish and English.

Signatures are still needed for the petition and in light of the recent developments your support is more important than ever! Read the petition in English.

Sign the petition to protect the children of Spain!


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  • Mary Dispenza
    commented 2015-05-22 12:20:27 -0500
    I wasn’t sure where to put this recent piece I wrote about a 1.2 million settlement on the eve before the trial of a survivor in Seattle. The Church saves its fcae once again!

    A Response to Priest Abuse in the Archdiocese of Seattle.

    I’d like to think that the crime of priests who prey upon children is behind us. It is not. It will not be over until Pope Frances commands that all Bishops expose, expel and publicize credible child molesters. There is no in between here. Children’s lives are in danger. Justice and retribution are essential to a victim’s healing and the life of the Catholic Church. To date, every case of priest abuse that has come to light and seen justice has been because of the victim’s courage and desire for healing along with the courageous Catholic men and women who keep pushing and demanding Church officials to do the right thing. But sometimes these very leaders are culpable and guilty of harboring criminals. They just can’t stick their necks out or they too will be found guilty of a crime. The problem of priest abuse within the Catholic Church is a systemic one and remains a formidable fortress to tear down. The faith filled Church community will chip away, exposing and uncovering the sins of our Fathers, because they must. The Church they love and want to give to their children is at stake. This remains our hope.

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