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Praying is not enough: ask the Archbishop of Granada to take immediate measures against
child abuse.
Although for me this is a very difficult request to write, I think we as a society must lose
our fear of talking about child sexual abuse. Only then can we prevent them. Unfortunately I know firsthand the trauma of being abused by someone you trust. In my
teens, I was abused by a priest. When I told his superiors what happened, the response
was concealment and secrecy. Years later I wanted to report the facts, but unfortunately
like so many other cases, the crime had expired. Since then I decided to tell my story
publicly to prevent new cases.
I followed with horror the arrest of three priests and a teacher of Religion of the
Archdiocese of Granada for alleged child abuse. The two victims who have denounced
should be praised for their courage. But I am very concerned because I think the
Archbishop of Granada is not doing enough to help clarify the facts. Its most visible
response was prostrate before the altar of the Cathedral to apologize for the "scandals"
that have affected the Church. These symbolic actions can reassure consciences, but do
not protect children. Only action protects them.
So I encourage you to sign this petition and ask the Archbishop of Granada to
immediately adopt these four steps to protect children from sexual abuse in his diocese:

1. That in his public appearances encourage victims and potential witnesses to report
these crimes to the police station.

2. That on the website of his diocese included in a visible place a campaign against sexual
abuse, including encourage their parishioners to go to the police if they have information
on possible cases of pedophilia and emphasize that cover sexual violence against minors it
is only a crime but a grave sin. The same should be done in all parish and diocesan leaves.

3. Visit all the churches where the accused worked and encourage your employees and
parishioners to go to the police if they have information on possible cases of pedophilia.
You should visit the parish of St. John Vianney in Granada (where he served the
defendant Román Martínez), the parish of Orgiva (which brought the accused Francisco
José Campos and Manuel Morales Morales) and IES Alonso Cano Durcal (where the
accused worked Sergio Muñoz Quintana professor of religion).
4. Suspend every priest , bishop, seminarian , deacon , religious teacher or other employee
who has been credibly accused or has concealed cases of pedophilia. Immediately denounce
them to the police station and give all potential evidence and the police incriminating

Evil triumphs when good people are silent. Sexual violence flourishes in an atmosphere of
secrecy. The children remain at risk while law of silence is enforced. When sexual
violence is publicly exposed victims begin to heal . Any citizen who has valuable
information on cases of pedophilia should always go to the police , not the ecclesiastical
authorities. Only then can we prevent other cases like "Daniel".

Thank you.

-Miguel Hurtado

Sign the petition to protect the children of Spain!

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