Wishes for the Holidays and the New Year – A Survivor’s List

The idea to create these wish-lists came from a survivor named Buddy Robson who wanted to think of ways to combine the holiday giving season with the wishes and needs of survivors. These are wishes that we hope will come true for every survivor and will inspire others to get involved in child sexual abuse prevention in the new year in order to keep children safe, ensure survivors are supported, and help put an end to cases of sexual violence.

12 Holiday Wishes for Survivors

  1. That every survivor finds a circle of support that surrounds them with love, care, and attention.
  2. That each survivor realizes that what happened to them was not their fault.
  3. That all survivors are released from the unmerited burdens of guilt and shame. 
  4. That all survivors rise above the feelings of low self worth and a lack of self confidence.
  5. That every survivor receives the professional support that they want and need to heal.
  6. That survivors' rightful anger is not directed inward, or at innocent targets, but is channeled toward preventing future abuse.
  7. That each survivor love and value themselves enough to avoid self-destructive behaviors and patterns.  
  8. That all survivors realize that they are not alone. 
  9. That every survivor finds the strength and courage to report their abuse to law enforcement.
  10. That each survivor finds a group of fellow survivors for help and support
  11. That survivors find hope for the future
  12. That all survivors do not just survive, but thrive.

12 Wishes for the New Year

  1. That not one more child, minor, vulnerable adult or targeted adult is harmed by sexual abuse
  2. That every state take up SOL/window legislation in 2020 so that all survivors have a chance to have their day in court
  3. That all people learn more about the trauma of sexual violence and how they can best support survivors
  4. That all faith communities and institutions stop lobbying against reforms that will benefit children and survivors
  5. That every state pass stronger mandatory reporting laws with longer SOLs and stiffer penalties.
  6. That those states that do not already include clergy as mandatory reporters amend their statutes to do so.
  7. That any person who is accused of abuse will immediately be removed from his/her duties.
  8. That all those who have enabled abuse in the past will be held accountable for their actions.
  9. That all 50 states and the federal government open inquiries into clergy and institutional sexual abuse.
  10. That every state will remove the criminal SOL for all cases of sexual assault and abuse.
  11. That the candidates running for office in 2020 will make preventing future cases of sexual abuse a key part of their platforms.
  12. That all survivors continue to heal and get better in 2020 than they were in 2019.


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