Wichita diocese names 15 priests accused of child sexual abuse

The Catholic Diocese of Wichita has released the names of 15 priests who have been accused of child sexual abuse.

The diocese said in a release on Thursday that claims against diocesan clergy on the list have been substantiated. Nine of the priests are with the Catholic Diocese of Wichita, and six who, though not priests of the diocese, served in the diocese for a period of time.

The nine priests in the diocese are: Paul Alderman, Robert Blanpied, Peter Duke, Robert K. Larson, Charles O'Connor, Robert Schleiter, Alonzo Smithhisler, Charles Walsh and William Wheeler.

The other six are: Michael Baca, John Habethier, Stephen Muth, Thomas O'Donohue, Robert Schleiter, Arthur J Van Speybroeck and John Walsh.

'This list is being published after a comprehensive and independent audit of all clergy fi...

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  • maureen tunnell
    commented 2019-10-30 15:43:23 -0500
    People don’t understand what is going on here. These priests are just the ABSOLUTELY abusive priests. They are retired or dead. They are not the problem anymore! The problem is that Bishop Kemme is sitting on the names of priests with secret files. There are priests actively serving in his Diocese who have failed psych evals and have multiple complaints filed against them. Those allegations may take DECADES to ‘substantiate,’ but in the meantime children are at risk.

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