WI - Benedict leaves papacy with no apologies to we deaf victims of Fr. Murphy

Very sadly, today, Benedict XVI finished his time as Pope without ever once apologizing for his involvement in covering up the crimes of Fr. Lawrence Murphy, who sexually assaulted me and over 200 other students when we were youngsters at St. John’s boarding school for the deaf, operated by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

We pleaded with Benedict, when he was Cardinal Ratzinger and the head of the powerful head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Faith (CDF) to remove Murphy from the priesthood so he could harm no other children. The Pope had at his desk thousands of pages of direct criminal evidence and testimony that Murphy had destroyed and was likely destroying the lives of so many young deaf children. We wanted the Pope turn Murphy over to criminal authorities, and alert the deaf community and the public about this dangerous man.

The Pope never doubted Murphy’s guilt. Yet, he allowed him to remain in ministry in good standing as a priest, Murphy’s secrets kept safe by the church. As one final gesture, when Murphy died in 1997, we begged Cardinal Ratzinger and officials of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee to not allow Murphy to be buried as a priest. That, we felt, was the least the church could do, given all the harm that Murphy had caused us. Instead, the Vatican and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee one more time ignored our pleas, and Murphy was buried in his full priestly vestments his today. Murphy’s grave stone today still identifies him as a priest.

Fr. Murphy may have stolen our bodies, but it was Pope Benedict who stole our voice.

We still believe that the Pope Benedict can still do what’s right, even in his retirement, and reach out to us deaf survivors and make amends and finally hear our stories and our anguish.

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  • Lisa Reh
    commented 2016-04-19 20:45:04 -0500
    There is a special place in hell for these pedofiles. NOT SEATED AT THE RIGHT HAND OF TH FATHER.
  • Lisa Reh
    commented 2016-04-19 20:38:44 -0500
    Suffer the little children come to me.
  • Xavier Dumont
    commented 2014-06-16 23:33:07 -0500
    It is hard to believe that anybody would ever support the Catholic Church when you find out the ‘real goings on’…

    I am appalled at the homosexuality within the priesthood and the fact they cover it up and act like they are so holy and next to God.
    As well, the abuse against children that the Catholic Church has hidden and covered up is just beyond words! Why anybody would ever step foot into a Catholic Church and support that organization just tells me that they turn their faces away from what their Priests, etc., have done and are doing. I was a Catholic at one time and when these abuses and criminal molestations against children began to be uncovered and it was obvious that the Catholic Church was supporting their pedophile Priests: that was it for me!

    Vanity Fair wrote a good article last year about all of the gay priests and their lovers in the Vatican…what an eye opener!

    As mentioned earlier, the survivors of this horrendous abuse are heroes for speaking out whether that be blogging, partaking in a class action law suit, telling their story to a friend, etc.,
    We need to hear what happened to YOU and we must prosecute the abusers! Shame on the world for giving those pedophiles a haven in Vatican City!
  • John Thompson
    commented 2014-06-16 10:03:01 -0500
    Child Abusers be they a physical parent, a spiritual parent or a total stranger never take responsibility for their actions. There is shame and guilt attached to all abuse and in the abuse the shame and guilt becomes attached to the victim. I think this is one reason survivors of child abuse do not like to be called victims because of the attached shame and guilt. Child Abusers will not admit to their actions because they do not want to assume the shame and guilt of their actions but want it to remain with their victims. Also the Church has been telling people what to do for 2000; they are not about to give up this power. It has been long known that Benedict is gay despite his and the Church’s condemnation of homosexuality. It is also well known Benedict was forced out first because under his dictatorship his handling of the molestation of children caused it to grow to such alarming levels that even the sleeping Cardinals noticed. This coupled with the alarming news that the European Press was going to publish an article about the gay faction in the Vatican terrified the Cardinals into thinking Benedict was going to be named as the leader and so the Cardinals acted to force Benedict out. But Benedict and his secretary lover still live in the Vatican because this affords Diplomatic Immunity. As long as Benedict resides within the walls of the Vatican he cannot be tried for his crimes against children.
  • Xavier Dumont
    commented 2014-06-16 00:52:12 -0500
    The Catholic Church is So ridden with crime and doctrine that has no standing in gospel. This organization of men who think they are above anybody on earth and closer to Jesus Christ than any of us is just ridiculous! None of their doctrines are taken from scripture. Even having a Pope as Leader and calling a Priest Father is absolutely against scripture and you will never find anything in the Bible about having a Pope or having any earthly people that are closer to Jesus Christ as this organization claims to be…

    I state the above first off because that is essentially the crux of the problem: the Catholic organization believes itself to be untouchable and they have an arrogance that is simply shameful!

    The deaf men that were abused and molested by Murphy and the Catholic Organization are heroes in my mind for having the fortitude for standing up against these bullies. Murphy will have his day of judgement and unfortunately it was not to be here on earth thanks to his buddies: Catholic Church.

    To the Men who have to deal with the terrible memories of what that monster did and what those other abusers did: I hope you find solace in suffering as Jesus Christ did and know that many people pray for you and look at you as a barometer of survivorship.
  • Patricia Sulecki
    commented 2013-03-08 13:23:56 -0600
    Every Victim; of Clergy Sex Abuse; I feel all of our voices have been silenced and our lives taken away in so many ways.From The Statute of Limitation; and from the Priest on up to the Pope; protects these Child Molesters (Priest) for decades as we very well Know "no one wants to accept accountiblity for the Priest sex acts on Children. Nobody in the public eye has seen these (Child Molesters) Priest ; sexualy abuse Children; and since they didn’t see the Priest molest anybody ; they can’t believe it happened ; it seems as though this is what happenes when everybody wants to turn a blind eye ( Vatican). It’s like I said every Priest who have raped,molested Children; their faces should be placed in every news paper in every State and they should be registered sex offenders;this could be somewhat of justice for the victims and also to help alert parents to protect their children from these Priest ( Child Molesters),the public should of been alerted many years ago about these Priest ;and in this case silence isn’t Golden, Children (victims) are hurting.
  • Gloria Sullivan
    commented 2013-03-03 15:18:05 -0600
  • John Thompson
    commented 2013-03-02 17:35:23 -0600
    I saw the documentary Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God which, for me as a fellow abuse survivor, is a testament to the courage of these men who came forward and would not be silent about what was done to them. But I fear the Church will not change its policy of never admitting to any wrong doing. This Pope affirmed this policy. Also the European press has reported for years this man is gay and his ‘hunky’ secretary is his lover. It is reported this is the real reason for his resignation. And don’t forget Cardinal O’Connor of NYC. He had the nephew who was sexually abused by a priest shunned by the entire family for going public about his molestation.
  • Melanie Sakoda
    commented 2013-02-28 18:42:58 -0600
    I hope that Pope Benedict hears this plea!

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