UK - SNAP blasts UK vicar’s insensitive comments

We are disappointed that Rev. Dr. John Cameron would make such ignorant and hurtful claims about the alleged victims of Jimmy Savile. To publicly proclaim that the multitudes of victims making allegations against Savile are only doing so for a “cash-grab” is both obtuse and callous.

We urge Cameron's colleagues or supervisors and supporters to censure or demote or discipline him for his insensitive comments and to stand in solidarity with the victims who are courageously coming forward. It is always difficult for abuse victims to speak up, especially when their alleged abuser is a man who held massive popularity and sway. Comments like Rev. Cameron’s only make it more difficult for future victims to expose predators and protect others.

Wonder why and how thousands of child sex crimes and cover ups have happened, and are happening, in churches worldwide? In part, it's because of comments by men like Cameron and their timid supervisors who refuse to punish them for such insensitive comments.

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  • Robert Hartley
    commented 2012-10-18 15:40:11 -0500
    When I joined this church
    As a brash young priest,
    Well, I said to myself,
    “Now, brash young priest,
    Don’t get any ideas.”
    Well, I stuck to that,
    And I haven’t had one in years.
    I play it the bishop’s way;
    Wherever he puts me
    There I’ll stay.
    But what is your point of view?
    I have no point of view.
    Supposing the bishop thinks . . .
    I think so too.
    Now, what would you say . . .?
    I wouldn’t say.
    Your face is a clerical face.
    It smiles at bishops
    Then goes back in place.
    The church’s decor?
    Oh, it suits me fine.
    The bishop’s letterhead?
    A valentine.
    Anything you’re against?
    When they want brilliant thinking
    From priests like me,
    That is no concern of mine.
    Suppose a priest of genius
    Makes suggestions?
    Watch that genius get suggested to resign.
    So you play it the diocesan way?
    All diocesan policy is by me OK.
    I’ll never rise up to the top.
    But there’s one thing clear:
    Whoever the diocese fires,
    I will still be here.
    Oh, you certainly found a home!
    It’s cozy.
    Your brain is a clerical brain.
    The seminary washed it,
    Now I can’t complain.
    Hey, the diocesan newspaper!
    Oh, what style, what punch!
    The church’s bulletin!
    Ev’ry week the same grunch:
    Do you have any hobbies?
    I’ve a hobby; I play golf with Bishop Bratt
    Bishop Bratt! And do you play it nicely?
    Play it nicely . . . still, he beats me
    In every game, like that!
    ’Cause I play it the diocesan way.
    The bishop’s policy is by me OK.
    Oh, how can you get anywhere?
    Junior, have no fear;
    Whoever the diocese fires,
    I will still be here.
    You will still be here.
    Year after year after fiscal,
    Never take a risk-al year!

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