Three questions & three answers about SNAP in Rome

What do we hope to achieve?

We want to educate parishioners and the public about this ongoing crisis, especially regarding the church officials who continue to protect predators and endanger kids, some of whom will pick the next pope, and one of whom may become the next pope.

Do they think that this is constructive?

--Absolutely. Abuse and cover up require and thrive on silence. By breaking the silence, exposing wrongdoers and educating others, we are preventing future crimes and cover ups. And by staying active and visible, we're reaching victims across t he world who are still trapped in silence, shame and self-blame.

What the church hierarchy does or doesn't do is beyond our control. But by our own actions and words, we can help others recover from abuse and prevent abuse

What's their bigger strategy moving forward under the next Pope?

-- In the short term, to fight complacency. Complacency protects no one, only vigilance protects the vulnerable. So we'll urge people to judge the new pope by his actions to safeguard kids, particularly in his first few months, and we'll urge people to avoid the temptation to assume that the new guy will magically fix everything. No one man caused this crisis, no one man can remedy it either. Every single person who sees, suspects or suffers child sex crimes in the church must report, and preferably to secular authorities, not church figures

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  • Lani Halter
    commented 2013-03-11 23:09:26 -0500
    Mr. Clohessy,

    Please. Now be bold and brave enough to want to achieve more! To achieve more than “educating parishioners and the public about this ongoing crisis”. Please for all our sakes, be brave and courageous enough to believe that this “ongoing crisis” CAN BE STOPPED DEAD IN ITS TRACKS!!! That it actually is time for this crisis to stop being, ongoing. Believe this:

    The following is from a Feb. 13, 2013 UK Guardian article by Ben Child about Alex Gibney suggesting that Pope Benedict XVI resigned in large part due to and because of Gibney’s documentary Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God that was shown here on American TV on Feb. 4, 2013:

    “Two of the men whose stories are detailed in Gibney’s film ‘expressed great joy that he had resigned’, said Gibney. ‘They felt he was a symbolic figure for them, and his resignation showed some sense of accountability from the church. So, yes, they were actually joyful.’ One wrote in an email: ‘Finally. Many, many thanks to you and your crew for spreading our word, BECAUSE WE WANT TO PROTECT ALL INNOCENT CHILDREN. May the universe bless you.’ " (capitalization emphasis, added)

    I want to let you know that at least one local reporter tonight did comment on how the sentiment of the people gathering in the Vatican basilica plaza was shifting from simply wanting to “be there for an historic event” to more people gathering who very much WANT TO SEE CHANGE, CHANGE THAT WILL BE WELCOMED, AS HUGE AND CATACLYSMIC CHANGE IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, NOW! And the reporter said that it appeared from close observation today, that it’s very likely that at least half of the cardinal in the conclave are in favor of ridding the church of enablers and abeters of pedophiles, AND stopping the “cover up”. Tha in fact many American cardinals appear to be in favor of selecting a new pope who can and will do this, now.

    So, please adjust your own mindset to go beyond “education of the subject/actions” to one of encouragement and asking for dramatic change NOW; and based on all of the recent developments and the fruition of all your hard work and labor, to continue to believe in this newer goal of change to opposition of any cover up, now, and the new reality of ending abuse of children and disabled adults by priests and prelates, now!!! It can be done.

    PLEASE STAY THE COURSE! There still will be many victims who were already abused in years past, to help in the future. But, you and all the members of SNAP must do whatever we can, whatever possible to help ensure there are no more of these victims. No more of these pedophile predators within the church. I pray that God blesses you and keeps you, in this courageous effort!
  • rem mer
    commented 2013-03-08 04:22:08 -0600
    May God give you the patience and wisdom to ease the pain and suffering. It will change, sooner or later and Jesus Christ Almighty will show us the correct way to fight against these crimes. He sees everything…

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