Three More Allegations Made against Fr. Gary Carr

Three new allegations have been made against a Missouri Catholic priest who was first named as an abuser in April.

This situation shows that when the names of abusers are made public it often encourages others who were hurt to come forward and make a report. We applaud these brave individuals for speaking out and hope that their example inspires others who were hurt in Missouri to protect children by coming forward and making a report to the police.

These new allegations against Fr. Gary Carr should compel Catholic officials in every diocese where the cleric worked – including Springfield-Cape Girardeau, MO; Phoenix, AZ; and Santa Fe, NM – to share information about these allegations in every parish and location where Fr. Carr worked in an effort to bring other victims forward.

The average age of a survivor coming forward in the US is 52, but we would expect more of Fr. Carr’s victims to come forward now if they find the support and encouragement they need to do so.

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