SNAP responds to promotion of Archbishop Timothy Dolan

As long as the Pope keeps promoting church officials who keep parishioners in doubt, victims in pain, and kids at risk, there will be more child sex crimes.

Dolan is the Teflon prelate - through superb public relations, when he acts recklessly and callously with kids' safety, he's almost always able to deny and deflect blame. Dolan is by far the most media-savvy Catholic official on the planet, so we're not surprised the pope has promoted him.

In Missouri, Wisconsin and New York, he's treated child sex victims and pedophile priests just like his brother bishops across the country have. Dolan's just more skilled at hiding his misdeeds.

Don't be fooled by Dolan's glad-handing, self-effacing charm. Behind closed doors, he continues to be a shrewd manager who's determined and adept at keeping clergy sex crimes covered up.

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