SNAP responds to new lawsuit filed against the TX United Methodist Church

Shame on the Texas delegation of the United Methodist Church. It is bad enough that they were aware that Pastor Kendall Graham had inappropriate relations with his congregation, but to simply move him around and let him adopt a young girl is unconscionable. By allowing Graham to do this, they essentially condemned this woman to a life of abuse. Their inaction in this matter is sick.

We hope that there is an investigation into why officials at St. Paul United Methodist Church chose to ignore reports of Graham’s inappropriate behavior. At that moment, church officials had a chance to uncover and stop the abuse that Jane Doe was being subjected to. Instead they turned a blind eye. We hope that this suit is able to bring some of the complicit officials involved to justice.

We urge anyone who may have seen, suspected, or suffered crimes at the hands of Kendall Graham to come forward and make a report to the police. Crimes such as Graham’s are rarely one-time errors, and we hope that others who may have been suffering in silence are emboldened by this case and are able to speak out.


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