SNAP is growing!

Calls and emails have been coming from survivors and supporters from around the world. We're hearing from a range of countries: China, Argentina, Russia, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Germany, the UK, Kenya, Netherlands, Chile, Brazil, Poland, France Venezuela, and the Philippines. We are becoming experts using Google Translate!

Russian and Chinese have been quite a challenge. Survivors are gratified to find out they are not alone, that the problem is global and that there is a group that
wants to help. We have received words of appreciation and encouragement from supporters and survivors have shared their stories, many for the first time ever.

While the stories are heartbreaking the are also very  familiar. Predators using their positions of trust and respect to harm innocent children and vulnerable adults. Church officials protecting and shielding the predators rather than turning them over to law enforcement so the predators are free to harm others. What is amazing is that survivors, from any country, are willing to do anything to stop this pattern of destruction, anything that will protect kids.

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