SNAP Admires Mother Pursuing Justice For Her Son- Priest Evading Justice

(For Immediate Release September 28, 2023)
For anyone to say the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests is in the past, the Sac Bee article about Fr. Michael Kelly is evidence it is not. Kelly, despite his crimes and flight from justice, remains a priest in good standing.  He is a dangerous man.

He is not the only Catholic priest who is a fugitive. Fr. Alex Castillo fled an investigation in Oakland and is living someplace. The police say they know where he is.

Fr. George Alengaden fled his arraignment, accused of assaulting five different Catholic parishioners. There are fugitive priests that litter the list of the diocese of Sacramento. We can name dozens nationwide. These men flow like an underground river from place to place, finding victims and using their collars for access and money.

This article points to the ongoing power of Catholic bishops to control the actions of regional and federal law enforcers. How is it possible the FBI is still stiff-arming survivors? How is it possible a professional law enforcement agency, the district attorney’s office of Calaveras County, has lost grand jury reports, evidence, and any other information about this, or any, case?

It isn’t “inexplicable” as the Sac Bee alludes. Advocates believe all of this is intentional. A powerful priest sodomized a child and was accused multiple times, the crimes were covered up, and when push came to shove and an investigator closed in, he fled with the help of his bishop and law enforcement.

Why hasn’t Pope Francis defrocked him? Why hasn’t Sean O’Malley, an American Cardinal and the Pope’s purported point person for protecting children, done anything? Why haven’t the bishops complicit in this cover-up been sidelined or at least outed?

We are calling on the Attorney General Bonta to undertake an investigation of this siltation from top to bottom. His office should refile charges against Kelly, and as importantly, open an investigation into how this miscarriage of justice occurred. His office should have the bare minimum goal of getting Kelly out of ministry.
The attorney general of Michigan can find priests all over this country and bring them back to face justice in her state. She has made California safer by jailing a fugitive who took shelter here in California. If she can pursue justice for victims, so can the California Attorney General. So can the federal government.

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