Settlement Process Ends in Diocese of Duluth

The bankruptcy reorganization at a Minnesota diocese has ended and now dozens of survivors of sexual abuse will be compensated for the abuse and cover-up they experienced. We hope that this process has brought healing to these survivors and that parishioners in Minnesota will be vigilant in keeping an eye out for signs of abuse in the future. 

We are grateful to the survivors of sexual abuse from the Diocese of Duluth who stood up for their rights and for all victims. Because of them, hundreds of thousands of pages of previously secret files will be released for all to read and absorb. Understanding the actions of Catholic church officials in suppressing evidence and testimony will go a long way towards helping Minnesota lawmakers shape more effective laws that prevent future abuse.

It is important to note that, while $40 million is a lot of money and is justly deserved by those who have suffered decades in silence, in the grand scheme of things it is but a drop in the bucket given the wealth of the church. In less than one year, if each parishioner in this small diocese made a weekly contribution of $20, the settlement will be paid off in full. For the cost of a stackable washer and dryer per parishioner, ($888), this egregious abuse of children has been settled.

Now that this bankruptcy process has ended, we hope that police and prosecutors in Minnesota are looking long and hard to find creative pathways towards justice for survivors and to prevent more cases of abuse in the future. A critical step in preventing abuse is ensuring that those who covered-up and enabled abuse are prosecuted, and we hope that Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison will follow in the footsteps of other AGs around the country and launch an independent investigation into all dioceses in Minnesota today.


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