Phil Saviano

Phil Saviano is a survivor and New England SNAP leader. Stories like Saviano's are what made up the premise of the movie Spotlight. Saviano's and SNAP work to bring these stories to the light have been crucial in bringing the clergymen responsible for this abuse to the light. Saviano was portrayed by actor Neal Huff in the movie and he plays a integral part in starting the conversation about this abuse by the Boston area priests. 

Watch below as Phil talks about the movie alongside Neil Huff who plays him in the film.


Phil was also featured in SNAP's 2015 Fall Letter where he told more about his survivor story and explained how SNAP how been an integral part in helping him find the courage to find his voice for the first time. 

 View Saviano's Story in SNAP's Fall Letter

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  • Fred Thomas
    commented 2018-06-10 22:28:33 -0500
    Watched it a twice already ! So touching and the drama is in a different level. Well done to the script writer.
  • Jenny Rawlings
    commented 2018-06-04 22:13:28 -0500
    Great movie very inspiring.

  • Ben Chung
    commented 2018-02-09 06:34:25 -0600
    Phil: You are my hero! It’s people like you who make this world a better place! Ben Chung
  • Chrissy Young
    commented 2016-02-23 17:48:37 -0600
    Thank God for the people of Boston Globe’s Spotlight for following through with what appears so many did not! I hope this movie wins every award it’s up for! I hope you rest easier knowing you likely have spared many more children from the abuse of this sickening cover up! MAY GOD BLESS YOU & HOLD YOU in your times of struggle!
    Recovering Catholic
    Chrissy Young
  • Brian Neary
    commented 2015-12-02 02:09:36 -0600
    Hi Phil,
    I am a veteran of the entertainment business. By way of introduction, my CV is displayed at

    Recently, I saw your interview regarding the film Spotlight and was taken by your restraint and the patience of you responses. It was your controlled tolerance that prompted this email.

    As a product of eight years of Jesuit education, I was raised very Catholic. I saw the Church as a beacon of truth in a corrupt world. So passionate was my faith, that I was accepted into the Jesuit Novitiate. Fortunately, I fell in love with a girl that same year and decided against the priesthood.

    Then, in 2009, I discovered that one of my friends, a brilliant classmate, had been molested by a Jesuit priest while we were teenagers at Loyola High School. I saw how his self-image was destroyed by that abuse. My once brilliant friend now lives life as an emotional cripple.

    Since I had already enjoyed some success as a thriller novelist, I decided to use the genre to express my outrage and my angers in a fictionalized format. The resulting novel, “Twenty Seven Million,” has gradually become a best seller.

    The book was first published in 2013. And by 2015, it now seems that my researched fiction has predicted some real Vatican events.

    I would like to gift you a copy (an eBook version), hoping that you might enjoy some of the “fictional” characters. If you would prefer a paperback version, I would need a snail mail address to have Amazon send a copy to you.

    Please accept my gratitude for your generosity of spirit.

    Kind regards,
    Brian Neary

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