Pope admits “gay lobby” in Vatican

Sexual orientation isn’t the real problem. Sexually active and thus compromised clerics are the real problem.

Allegedly celibate men (gay or straight) can, and often do, take advantage of their status and power. They often sexually exploit innocent children and vulnerable adults. And when they do, they become unable or unwilling to “blow the whistle” on others who commit or conceal misconduct, whether sexual or financial. The corruption then spreads unchecked.

That’s why secular organizations must work to limit the sometimes seemingly limitless power of religious figures. No institution can effectively police itself, especially not an ancient, rigid, secretive, all-male monarchy like the Catholic hierarchy.

It’s highly unlikely there will be a thorough “clean sweep” of Curia personnel. But if that were to happen, it still won’t make much of a difference. The Vatican, like the rest of the Catholic hierarchy, will remain headed by men who feel and act like they answer to virtually no one, because that’s largely the case. They will continue to have, and often abuse, their vast, nearly unchecked power.

Structure, not sexuality, is the real issue. The church is a monarchy. Monarchs are unaccountable. So many monarchs are corrupt. This is true in both secular and religious institutions. Again, that is why, for the sake of public safety, we implore governmental and law enforcement and legislative bodies to step up their efforts to prevent and prosecute sexual crimes and cover ups by church officials.

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  • Alexandra Roberts
    commented 2013-06-11 13:58:39 -0500
    They not only need to be policed by people apart from other priests or the Church, they need to drop the pretense of actually being committed to vows of celibacy or chastity.

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