Persistence pays off

There's tons of truth in the axiom "Past behavior is the best predictor of future behavior."

Yet when a pope is picked, many predict - based solely on hope and ignoring considerable evidence - that he'll "be better" on abuse than his predecessor.

That's why we are so grateful to the amazing researchers at who dug deep into how Pope Francis dealt with clergy sex abuse and cover up cases in Argentina. What they found is very disturbing.

And their work, though seemingly ignored at first, is finally gaining traction.

In the past few weeks, more and more news outlets and bloggers are citing this important research.

The Guardian 

The Washington Post

The Telegraph

The American Conservative

 The New York Times

The Global Post 

Let this be a reminder to all of us: when our efforts don't seem to bear fruit, it's best to be patient and fight pessimism. It may take weeks or months or sometimes years. But usually, our hard work is noticed and effective. 

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  • Thomas Murphy
    commented 2014-09-05 14:28:32 -0500
    The sexual abuse is just the tip of the iceberg! It is a level that hides the act and knowledge of the Clergy participating in the chanting to a person in order that they hear voices and become mentally ill!
  • Patricia Sulecki
    commented 2014-08-10 09:58:20 -0500
    Looking back on what I can remember about being Catholic" which do to the circumstances beyond my control" that happened to me; abuse, rape,torture,brain washing and nobody is held accountable for & also for the life it takes out of a human being; looking at and seeing what went on then and now" Vatican, Middle East, all around the world the evil,hate,murdering" all in the name of Religion" I will call it as I see it and hear on the news;" all Religions are bad for your mental,emotional,physical Health…..
  • John Duffin
    commented 2014-07-17 17:49:47 -0500
    Congratulations Indeed To Everybody!
    I am a late bandwagon jumper oner, but Im glad I made to the ride to watch the catholic church go down in flames!
    It is truly a momentous occasion!
    Smile and wave goodbye!

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