Parole Denied in Romano Ferraro Case, SNAP Applauds Decision

A Massachusetts priest who admitted to abusing “perhaps dozens” of boys had his request for parole denied today. We applaud this decision as it will keep children safer and shows that secular officials are treating serial sexual abuse with all the seriousness it deserves.

In denying Fr. Romano Ferraro’s request for parole, the board wrote that he “has yet to demonstrate a level of rehabilitative progress” that would ensure he would no longer be a danger once released. Given that there is no magic age at which abusers stop abusing, we believe this is a sound decision, especially when the offender in question has admitted to abusing far more children than he has ever been convicted for. By keeping him behind bars, the parole board has helped protect other children from being victimized.

We hope that this decision will encourage other survivors, whether of Fr. Ferraro or any other priest, deacon, nun, or other church staffer, to come forward and make a report to police.

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  • William Manderville
    commented 2020-08-19 15:15:56 -0500
    This is great news that he is still in prison. I am survivor of his abuse. I want to see him back in court very soon. For the abuse here in calif and NY

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