PA- Philly priest had abuse settlement in the past; SNAP responds

Shame on the Franciscans. They recruit, educate, ordain, hire, train, and transfer clerics, making them swear allegiance to the order for life. Then, when one of them molests, Catholic officials pretend to be powerless to stop him from working elsewhere. And in this case, Franciscans apparently lied to an abuse victim by claiming they’d keep this predator away from kids.

Now they claim, again, that Ledoux will be kept away from children. But if they broke their pledge once, why wouldn't they break it again?

How did the Franciscans react when a credible abuse allegation against Ledoux surfaced in Philly? By doing what Catholic officials have done for decades – quietly moving the offender to another church facility and telling no one.

And shame on Widener for doing poor background checks and being secretive about Ledoux’s exit from the school. Their irresponsible actions put kids at risk. And their claim that he never had unsupervised contact with kids is laughable. He was a trusted, high ranking school administrator. No one was ‘supervising’ him when he was around kids. 

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  • Michael Ference
    commented 2013-01-04 16:47:24 -0600
    When the reporter refers to Michael LeDoux being an administrator for a high school and university in western PA, she means Serra Catholic High School and Duquesne University.

    Looks like the Philly Inquirer needs the permission of the Zappala Crime Family and Donald Wuerl before they can report the facts in Allegheny County or the Pittsburgh Diocese?

    Although, it should be noted that I, with the help of others, exposed Michael LeDoux weeks ago on several forums in the MOB Valley.

    Michael LeDoux is now the second Franciscan cleric who served at Serra Catholic High School in the 80s and 90s to be credibly accused of sexually abusing innocent children, the other was Brother Kenneth Ghastin. A fellow colleague and I exposed Ghastin. It should be noted that after Ghastin’s case was settled with twin brothers in the Boston Archdiocese, sadly, one of the brothers would commit suicide.

    Factor in the attempted murder of my son, and the suicide of the shooter. One can only surmise the extent that the Pittsburgh Diocese, Serra administrators, McKeesport elected officials, McKeesport Police and other law enforcement officers needed to do to make sure everything was covered up.

    A fellow colleague and I reported on Ghastin’s abuse years ago. It should be noted that my colleague and I are not required to consult with the Zappala Crime Family or Donald Wuerl when reporting truthful information intended to protect innocent children and expose corrupt government officials and dirty cops.

    Mike Ference

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