Other Resources

Other Resources

Boy Scouts of America
Contact: Tom Stewart
Phone: 253-334-9190
E-mail: SNASTGStewart@aol.com

SNAP Presbyterian
Contact: Julie
E-mail: snappresbyterian@gmail.com

SNAP Christian Orthodox
Contact: Cappy Larson, co-founder of pokrov.org
Phone: 415-820-9645 (USA) (voice mail)
Fax: 925-283-2305 (USA)
Email: cappy@pokrov.org   

Address: Post Office Box 170654, San Francisco, CA 94117

Contact: Melanie Sakoda
Email: melanie@pokrov.org
Phone: 925-708-6175

Websites: www.Pokrov.org

Families and Abuse
Contact: Mary Ellen Kruger
Phone: 314-962-0964
E-mail: MEK002@hotmail.com

Contact: Beverly Shellrude Thompson
Phone: 905-634-6837
E-mail: mksafetynet@hotmail.com

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