OK-Victims blast Tulsa mega-church in abuse case

Like prosecutors, this brave mom accuses Victory church employees of refusing to report – for weeks - child sex crimes by a church janitor. We hope she prevails in court. And we hope her filing this suit will discourage other officials from ignoring, minimizing or hiding suspected child sexual assaults.

Shame on Victory employees and Victory church members. Both should be ashamed of the legal maneuvers church lawyers are using to protect church assets and church staff reputations.

This mom deserves her day in court. If Victory officials did nothing wrong, they shouldn’t fear this case. But we suspect they know full well they’ve broken the law, and violated common sense and decency, and are desperately trying to exploit legal loopholes so that the full truth about their wrongdoing can remain hidden.

We also hope that every single person who has knowledge or suspicions about the cover up at Victory will step forward. Keeping silent only helps criminals, endangers kids and hurts victims.

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