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Boy Scouts abuse claims may become largest case against a single national organization

As a Nov. 16 deadline looms for abuse survivors to come forward to make claims in the Boy Scouts of America bankruptcy, a judge’s ruling could allow the case to become the largest-ever child sexual abuse case against a single national organization.

Michigan’s clergy abuse probe identifies 454 accused priests, 811 victims

LANSING, MI – A two-year investigation into sexual abuse in Michigan’s Catholic churches has, so far, identified 454 accused priests and 811 victims, and led to charges against 11 clergymen.

Ousted priest writes new book: "Ordained by a Predator"

MARTINSVILLE - The next chapter of Father Mark White’s story has been written, quite literally, by White himself.

‘VeraCity: Unrepentant’ investigating abuse in the Canadian Catholic Church

‘VeraCity: Unrepentant’ is a Citytv original documentary uncovering the secret history of child sexual assaults that was kept silent by an order of Canadian Catholic priests. Taking the hunt for accountability all the way to Vatican City.

Colorado Catholic dioceses pay $6.68M to sex abuse survivors

DENVER (AP) — Colorado’s three Catholic dioceses paid $6.68 million to 73 survivors of sexual abuse by priests, a new report said.

Pope Moves Against Polish Bishop Accused of Hiding Predators

ROME (AP) — Pope Francis has ordered a Polish bishop to leave his central diocese and let someone else run it while he is under investigation for covering up cases of sexual abuse that were featured in a second clergy abuse documentary that has rocked Poland's Catholic Church.

Indiana church defrocks priest who allegedly abused minor, faked assault claim

An Indiana priest who garnered headlines in 2018 after he claimed he'd been assaulted in a hate crime and was previously accused of sexually abusing a minor has been defrocked.

14 priests from Toronto teaching order involved in sex assault cases

A CityNews investigation has revealed at least a dozen priests belonging to a Catholic order based in Toronto have been accused of sexually abusing children – including three who were found guilty of assaulting dozens of children under their care. 

Vatican putting 2 priests on trial accused of abuse, coverup

ROME (AP) — Two priests are going on trial in the Vatican’s criminal tribunal this week, one accused of sexually abusing an altar boy who served at papal Masses in St. Peter’s Basilica, and the other accused of covering it up.

Bishop of Carlisle facing call to quit over reference

A CUMBRIAN activist fighting for victims of church related child abuse has called for the resignation of The Bishop of Carlisle after he wrote – but later withdrew – a character reference for a paedophile priest.

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