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‘Groundbreaking’ Irish Journalist Mary Raftery Dies

The Irish broadcaster and journalist Mary Raftery died this morning.

In the early hours of this morning she passed away at St. Vincents Hospital in Dublin following an illness. She was 54 years old.

The Star’s editorial | Clergy abuse lawsuit takes a chilling turn

A Jackson County judge’s ruling in a lawsuit involving an alleged pedophile priest is harmful and wrong.

By decreeing that a victims advocacy group must turn over thousands of emails to the attorneys of accused priest the Rev. Michael Tierney, Circuit Judge Ann Mesle has compounded the damages borne by sexual abuse victims. Her ruling will serve to intimidate potential whistleblowers and discourage victims from coming forward with new allegations. Also, it chills the constitutionally protected right of journalists to gather information.

SNAP receives second subpoena request for documents

The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests has been issued a second subpoena for one of its leaders to appear for testimony and to turn over internal records, correspondence and email dating back 23 years.

Editorial: Bishops target victims' advocacy group in St. Louis, Kansas City

Here's something for St. Louis Catholics to think about when they pass the collection basket at church next Sunday: Lawyers for the Archdiocese and Archbishop Robert J. Carlson have launched a legal assault on the victims' advocacy organization that helped expose the clergy abuse epidemic here and around the country.

Priest accused of sex abuse honored at Marine Park church’s tree lighting

A Marine Park Catholic church dedicated its Christmas display to a priest accused of sex abuse, drawing outrage from one of his his alleged victim’s family.

96 Percent of Children Who Report Sexual Abuse Are Telling the Truth

First, former Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky was accused of sexually abusing a series of children over decades. Now, even closer to home, Daily News sports writer Bill Conlin—a local legend—is accused of molesting kids decades ago. But after all the coverage, are any of us better prepared to protect our own children or recognize suspicious behavior on the part of the adults in our midst?

More lawsuits filed against priests with Kansas City ties

Lawsuits alledging sexual abuse by three current or former Kansas City priests have been filed in recent weeks, bringing the number of cases filed this year to two dozen.

Victims speak of anger at church response

REACTION: SOME OF the 11 complainants who allege they were sexually assaulted as teenagers by “Fr Ronat” last night spoke of their anger at the handling of their complaints by Bishop John Magee and the Diocese of Cloyne.

Priest will go to trial over child pornography charges

A Churchill priest facing possession of child pornography charges will head to trial after waiving his preliminary hearing Tuesday morning

End statute of limitations on child sex crimes

Editor's note: Jon Wertheim, a non-practicing attorney, is a senior writer at Sports Illustrated and contributes to CNN.

(CNN) -- The Penn State scandal was just starting to reach a rolling boil last month when the Department of Education announced that it would be investigating the school for a possible violation of the Clery Act. A quarter century ago, Jeanne Clery was asleep in her Lehigh University dorm room when she was raped and killed by an intruder.

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