NC--Advocates and Survivors Lobby for Stronger Laws Protecting Children

Lobby Day to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse in North Carolina

For immediate release, May 12, 2018

Statement of Deborah Diener, [email protected] and Kelly Stutts,  [email protected]

NC House Bill #585 strengthens the law to protect children from child sexual abuse. The statute of limitations will be extended, and a 'lookback' window allowing the prosecution of past offenses. This bill passed the House with overwhelming support. It is being considered in the Senate and is presently stuck in committee. We want to move it forward and make it law. 

We call on the citizens of North Carolina to join us in a lobby day to address Senate members and encourage them to vote yes on House Bill #585.

May 23, 2018

9:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

NC Legislative Building

16 W. Jones St.

Raleigh, NC

There’s public parking about a block up on Jones St., the opposite side of the street from the Leg. building. If that is full, there is more parking in a deck on Salisbury Street. There is the area in front of the building where we can meet (the star), as well as inside there’s a “quad” area where we can gather. The building closes at 5:00. We can stay out front until the end of the day to catch legislators leaving.

We strongly urge the reform of the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse victims as some victims take decades to report the crime. Those criminals, and those institutions who cover for horrific abuse, should not be allowed to escape criminal and civil penalties.

Contact: Deb Diener, [email protected] or

Kelly Stutts, [email protected], (336) 850-1008

Children Matter and Connect 4 Faith are organizations that focus on the prevention of Child Sexual Abuse through increasing awareness, education, and positive action.

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