MS - Police, prosecutors, and victims must do more, SNAP says

An admitted child predator may evade justice using a technicality, so police, prosecutors and victims must re-double their efforts to find others who saw, suspected or suffered misdeeds by John Langworthy.

No one can be sure how the judge will rule on the statute of limitations dispute. We can all be sure, however, that kids will be safer if Langworthy is behind bars. So it's crucial that anyone with information or suspicions of his wrongdoing step forward. And it's crucial that law enforcement officials do more to seek out others who can help make sure Langworthy is successfully prosecuted.

We urge current and former members and staff at Langworthy's work places - the church and the pharmacy - to find the strength to call 911 with any information - however old or vague or slight it may seem - about Langworthy.

We urge victims of Langworthy to ask friends and family "Did he hurt you too?" If so, please urge them to call the police.

Our choice is clear. We can sit back, cross our fingers, and hope the judge will let the prosecution proceed. Or we can work harder, find more victims, witnesses, whistleblowers and evidence, and know, at the end of the day, that we've done all we can to protect kids.


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