MO--Victims leaflet predator's neighbors in KC MO

NOTE – SNAP members went door-to-door yesterday (8/31)  in the Brookside neighborhood handing out these fliers.  (See media coverage on Channel 5 and KMBZ radio.)

Help us protect kids!


We were molested as kids by priests, nuns, seminarians and bishops. We belong to a support group called SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (


Fr. Michael Tierney lives around here. He has been accused repeatedly of abusing kids and giving them drugs, liquor, pornography and ‘massages.’ His Catholic supervisors won’t let him work in a parish. Several child sex abuse lawsuits against him have been settled.


We want kids to be safe, victims to be healed, and people to be given the full truth about clergy sex crimes and cover ups in the Kansas City area.


--Please ask your neighbors or loved ones if they were hurt by Fr. Tierney (or by any of the other 25 publicly accused predator priests in KC Missouri or the 11 in KC Kansas).

--If they were, please urge them to get help (from independent sources) and call police, not priests.

--Please call/write Archbishop Naumann. Urge him, for the safety of children, to permanently post names of prove, admitted and credibly accused predator priests on his website (Roughly 30 other bishops have taken this step, which is a simple, inexpensive, common sense way to safeguard kids.)

Besides Fr. Tierney, the publicly accused KC MO area priests are: Fr. Thomas Reardon, Fr. John C. Baskett, Fr. Michael Brewer, Fr. Thomas J. Cronin, Fr. James H. Ford, Fr. Martin Froeschel, Fr. Richard Geimer, Bishop Joseph Hart, Fr. Mark Honhart, Fr. Sylvester Hoppe, Fr. Earl Johnson, Fr. James Lawbaugh, Fr. Francis E. McGlynn, Fr. Hugh F. Monahan, Fr. Stephen J. Muth, Fr. Thomas J. O’Brien, Fr. Thomas Parrott, Fr. Bede Parry, Fr. Shawn Ratigan, Fr. Isaac True, Fr. John Tulipana, Fr. James Urbanic, Fr. Thomas Ward, Fr. James Wegenek and Fr. Francis L. Wise.

The publicly accused KC KS area priests are: Fr. Thomas F. Cawley, Fr. Thomas A. Conway, Fr. William A. Finnerty, Fr. James A. Forsyth, Fr. William M. Haegelin, Fr. Finian Meis, Fr. Anthony Putti, Fr. Dennis E. Schmitz, Fr. John H. Wisner, Fr. Norman C. "Chuck" Wolfe and Fr. Camillus Wurtz.  


David Clohessy 314-566-9790,, SNAP, PO Box 6416, Chicago, IL 60680-6416

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  • Joseph LaBella
    commented 2015-09-02 09:05:04 -0500
    I would imagine that most of the people that I know in Kansas City went to Catholic grade schools in the area. Of those, I’ll bet every one has come in contact with one or more of the priests on this list. The list of names at the bottom of this press release is scary in a couple ways. I have personally known several of them in my lifetime. I am 100% sure a couple have done the things that they are accused of and should be in jail. I also think there is one who I would not believe that of: Thomas Cronin. I’ve never seen his name in any other publication. I don’t know what he was accused of or by whom. That is the danger in listing “accused” people indiscriminately.
  • @ tweeted this page. 2015-09-01 13:41:25 -0500

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