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We are SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. We are the largest, oldest and most active support group for women and men wounded by religious authority figures (priests, ministers, bishops, deacons, nuns and others).

Predator priest gets warning; SNAP responds

We’re grateful to this judge for being firm with this dangerous priest. Like so many child molesters, Wenthe seems to believe laws don’t apply to him. We hope he does end up behind bars. That way, kids will be safer.

Action taken on 2 Hawaii predator priests

Two Hawaii priests deemed guilty of molesting kids have been dealt setbacks recently.

One sought release from prison but was denied parole, while the other has been permanently ousted from the priesthood by the Vatican.

SNAP responds to ruling in the Diocese of LaCrosse

We are disappointed that the Diocese of LaCrosse was able to avoid responsibility for covering-up Ray Bornbach’s alleged crimes. Our hearts ache for Ms. Varga and the abuse she suffered. 

Clergy sex victims blast Canadian lawyer who stole

It's beyond heartbreaking that anyone would steal from deeply wounded adults who suffered so much as kids. 

Former Montana Boy Scout leader sued for child sex abuse

We suspect that there are men in Montana right now who are suffering because they were hurt as kids by Davenport. We hope they'll find the strength and courage to step forward, call police, protect kids, expose wrongdoing and start healing.

Known child molesting clergyman put back in pulpit; SNAP responds

A Jacksonville TV station is reporting that Rev. Daryl Gilyard, a convicted child molester, is back in a Jacksonville pulpit. He is now working at Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church.

SNAP blasts promotion of new bishop in Houston

It doesn't bode well that this new bishop has spent his entire career in an archdiocese that has a disturbing track record on child sex abuse and cover up. We are concerned about the promotion of Scheltz given his track record and those of his bosses.

New papal envoy to Ireland "insults" victims & Catholics, SNAP says

Archbishop Brown's comments about his boss are an insult to Catholics and victims. It's probably good for Brown's career to publicly praise Pope Benedict for his alleged work on the church's on-going heinous child sex abuse and cover up crisis. But it's just not accurate. 

SNAP responds to settlement in the Diocese of Monterey

While no amount of money can restore the childhood lost or innocence shattered as a result of childhood sex abuse, we are glad that Fr. Edward Fitz-Henry victim is able to walk away with some feeling of justice. 

Honoring Dolan rewards wrongdoing, abuse victims say

This weekend, NY Archbishop Timothy Dolan moves up again in the Catholic hierarchy. We’re troubled by this promotion of a prelate who continues to mishandle clergy sex abuse cases. We urge Catholics and citizens to look at Dolan’s performance, not his personality. And we urge Vatican officials to do likewise.

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