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ITALY- Leaders of 2 groups appeal to pope about worst Jesuit abuse cases

Leaders of 2 groups appeal to pope about worst Jesuit abuse cases 

First Jesuit pope has unique opportunity and obligation

Pope Francis must make Jesuits “clean house,” groups say

Jesuit provincials must disclose names of known abusers, as 25 bishops have done

Jesuits operate schools and colleges worldwide; access to children deepens the problem

ITALY- Two challenge new pope on crisis

Two challenge new pope on crisis

One is a Catholic mother & archivist

The other is an abuse victim & advocate

Both see “major problems” with how church deals with abuse

“Western model” is “largely public relations oriented,” they say

Predator Priests Moved Country to Country

Victims blast international movement of predator priests

Group wants Interpol to go after child molesting clerics

SNAP gives list of 32 who have moved to/from 18 nations

Over last 10 years, at least 6 from the US have come to Rome

Group: "Church officials should take accused priests' passports"

And they must stop letting child molesting clerics change their names, SNAP says


Holding signs and childhood photos at a news conference, US clergy sex abuse victims will

-- hand out a list of 32 alleged predator priests who have moved or been sent abroad,

-- publicly push Interpol, for the 1st time, to help pursue those who face criminal charges, and

-- discuss 6 priests – from Australia and the US – who face abuse allegations and were sent to work/ live in/or near the Vatican over the past decade. (One was reportedly still living in Rome last year.)


ITALY- Italian clergy sex victim detained

Italian clergy sex victim detained

He joins SNAP at news conference

Man tried to give petitions to Vatican

But police held him Friday for two hours

He accuses voting cardinal of hiding predators

Prelate is urged to stay away from papal conclave

SNAP: “Such intimidation & harassment is common

Group says Vatican should launch simple complaint mechanism

ITALY- SNAP cites 3 "promising prelates" and pushes for more training

SNAP calls three papal candidates “promising”

Clergy sex abuse victims cautiously release new list

And they call for 3 types of training in dioceses across globe

Two kinds - with kids & employees - are already done in US

SNAP: “But no prelate shows flock how to act when accusations surface”

So backers of alleged predators end up “intimidating” victims & witnesses

Victims have prepared 21 point brochure offering guidance for parishioners

ITALY - Victims release "dirty dozen" list

  • Victims release “Dirty Dozen” list
  • “None of them should be next pope,” they say
  • All 12, from 10 nations, are considered ‘papabile’
  • Group blasts prelates “who pretend the worst is over
  • Scandal has yet to surface in most nations, victims contend
  • It’s ‘shameless spin’ & ‘deliberate deception’ to claim otherwise,” they say

ITALY - “No one from Curia should be made pope,” victims say

  • “No one from Curia should be made pope,” victims say
  • Group also wants some older cardinals out of Monday meeting
  • SNAP worries Vatican insiders are tied to corruption & last 2 popes
  • “That makes ‘cleaning house’ & exposing cover ups tougher,” it says
  • Victims urge top church staff to try to persuade some peers to “go home”
  • SNAP: Sodano & 5 other “complicit” cardinals should be sent away or stay away

NY: Victims to Dolan: “take action now"

Victims to Dolan:  “Before conclave, name the predator priests of New York, release sex abuse deposition”

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