Locally-based Catholic group names 19 predator priests

Locally-based Catholic group names 19 predator priests

Sixteen of them are ‘outed’ as abusers for the first time here

Thirteen of them are/were in St. Louis, Kansas City & southern MO

Four credibly accused abusers – or more - are missing, SNAP says

One died as recently as 2014 & and least one molested in the 2000s

A St. Louis-based Catholic religious order has released a list of 19 clerics it admits face ‘credible’ or ‘substantiated’ allegations of ‘sexual misconduct.’


At least ten of them are/were in the St. Louis archdiocese (at ten locations), six are/were in the Kansas City diocese and five are/were in the Springfield/Cape Girardeau diocese.


Four of the child molesting clerics are/were in BOTH St. Louis and Kansas City. Five of them are/were in BOTH St. Louis and Springfield/Cape.

Vincentians claim that at least two of the offenders (Coury and Lause) now live “under supervision,” at a facility SNAP believes is in south St. Louis County 314 729 3700).




At least one of the offenders molested in the 2000s and one died as recently as 2014.

One was sent to a ‘residential treatment center’ in St. Louis, because of abuse SNAP suspects, and then re-assigned to ministry in Kenya, then to southern Missouri.

“We strongly suspect that the Vincentians are still putting kids at risk by keeping names and other crucial details about these predators hidden,” said David Clohessy of SNAP. “And we’re shocked that Vincentians have known about so many of these abuse reports for years but have only now finally disclosed them.”

John Joseph Casey
DePaul Hospital, St. Louis

Stanley Conner
St. Catherine Laboure Parish, St. Louis

Philip Coury
St. Louis Prep Seminary, St. Louis
St. John Seminary, Kansas City

Warren Discon
St. Vincent Church, St. Louis
St. Vincent Church, Kansas City
St. Louis Prep Seminary, St. Louis

John V. “Jack” Farris
St. Louis Prep Seminary, St. Louis
St. Vincent Church, St. Louis
St. Mary Seminary, Perryville
Christ the Savior Church, Brewer
St. Gabriel Church, St. Louis

(NOTE: Farris also worked at the Evangelization Center in Cape Girardeau, according to a southern Missouri newspaper.)



Richard Lause
St. Louis Prep Seminary, St. Louis
St. Catherine Laboure Church, St. Louis
St. Vincent Church, Cape Girardeau

J Dennis Martin
St. John Seminary, Kansas City
St. Mary Seminary, Perryville
St. Vincent Church, Perryville

Louis Meteye
St. John Seminary, Kansas City
SSt. Vincent HS Seminary, Cape Girardeau

Francis Murphy
St. John Seminary, Kansas City
Prep Seminary, St. Louis
Cardinal Glennon Seminary, St. Louis

Thomas O’Hern

Participated in residential program in St. Louis, Nov. 1991-Mar. 1992; returned to ministry

St. Vincent Seminary, Cape Girardeau

Thomas Parrott
St. John Seminary, Kansas City
St. Vincent HS Seminary, Cape Girardeau

Daniel Schulte
St. Vincent Parish, Cape Girardeau
St. Vincent Parish, Perryville

James Steinbach
Community farm, Perryville
St. Vincent Parish, Perryville

As best SNAP can tell, only Parrott, Farris and Lause had been ‘outed’ in news accounts in Missouri previously.




At least two credibly accused Vincentians who spent time in Missouri should be on the list but are not, SNAP says. They are:

---Fr. James Lawbaugh, who worked at St. Vincent's in Kansas City. He is on the Kansas City diocese’s list of clergy “involved in settlements without legal proceedings’ determination nor (church review board) assessment.”



---Fr. John (Jon) Edward Ruhl, who worked St. Mary's Seminary in Perryville and St. Vincent's College in Cape Girardeau.

Both Farris and Ruhl were originally ‘outed’ as predators in 2004 by the Los Angeles archdiocese, where they also worked. Both are on that archdiocese’s list of accused’ abusive clerics who have been sued.

And both are on the Springfield-Cape diocese’s list of clergy who worked there but were reported as having abused elsewhere.




“We’d love to hear how the Vincentians explain these omissions,” said SNAP executive director Zach Hiner. “An archdiocese that’s the largest in the US, and headed by the president of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, deems these two men as credibly accused and lists them on their website. So are the Vincentians saying Los Angeles church officials are somehow wrong here?.”

Of the 19, only one was charged and convicted but he apparently never spent time in Missouri. Besides Missouri, the credibly accused clerics also worked in California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana and Illinois.

The list was apparently posted in June on the Vincentian website but no news releases were sent or published, no news conference was held and there’s been no media coverage of the names, as best SNAP can tell.


The Vincentians currently have about 150 priests and brothers in the US and Kenya. More than 60 retired Vincentian priest and brothers live at a church facility in Perryville.



The Vincentians, formally called the Congregation of the Mission, are headquartered in Earth City. They are headed by Fr. Pat McDevitt who worked in Cape Girardeau and went to Kenrick-Glennon Seminary in St. Louis. His predecessor was Fr. Raymond Van Dorpe. (McDevitt’s assistant is Pamela Grivett, 314 344 1184).

Other clerics in leadership positions include Fr. Joseph Namanda, Fr. James Osendorf, Fr. Richard Wehrmeyer, Fr. Jeremy Dixon and Fr. Derek Swanson.


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