Largely Unknown Allegedly Abusive Clerics who Spent Time in the two KC Area Dioceses

Each of these priests is listed in a data base of accused clerics maintained by the most credible on-line source on information on the Catholic abuse and cover up crisis, All have been sued, “outed” by Catholic officials, or mentioned in mainstream secular and/or religious news media, but usually in other states. Their presence in the Kansas City area is confirmed through the same sources.

A victim of one of these clerics (Fr. Coury) was represented by St. Louis attorney Ken Chackes (314 872 8420, 314 369 3902 cell, [email protected]). Victims of some of the accused have been represented by KC MO attorney Rebecca Randles (816 931 9901, 816 510 2704 cell, [email protected])


Fr. John G. O’Flaherty worked at St. Francis Xavier Church and Rockhurst College, He was named as an abuser in a March 2011 civil complaint filed in Pueblo, CO.  

Fr. Eugene Maio was a priest in the KC, KS, archdiocese. He was accused in a lawsuit of sexually abusing one person at Marymount High School in Los Angeles.


Fr. John “Jack” V. Farris attended St. John's seminary in Kansas City and worked in nine Missouri parishes. He was sued in 2003 in California for sexual abuse of a youth

Fr. Philip Coury, who reportedly lives outside the diocese now, was found by the KC MO diocese to be “credibly accused” of the sexual abuse of a childwhile he was on staff at St John Seminary. To the best of SNAP’s knowledge, this allegation is not widely known in the local community.


Fr. Placidus Kieffer worked in the Kansas City, KS, archdiocese. In 2002, he was accused of sexually abusing two boys in the Davenport diocese and those allegations were deemed “credible” by church officials. His name is on Davenport's list of "credibly accused" abusers.

Fr. John C. (Fidelis) Forrester worked in the Kansas City, KS, archdiocese. He is included on publicly posted lists of “credibly accused” abusive priests in both the Seattle archdiocese and the Davenport diocese.

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