'It's overwhelming': Survivors create public list of Catholic clerics accused of sexual abuse

Starting at the age of 10, Miriam MacCormack says she was sexually abused by a Catholic priest for two years. After five decades of struggle — including suicide attempts — MacCormack will see her abuser's name made public. But not by the southwestern Ontario diocese of London, where the abuse occurred.

MacCormack's abuser, Father Ron Reeves, now dead, is among the names of 36 accused clergy compiled and published by a group of sexual abuse survivors.

MacCormack said the list is important as validation of what happened to her.

"If you sit down and you look at the list, it's hard to deny that this has happened." 

The list includes names of priests in the London diocese who were charged, convicted or linked to victims that made allegations and successfully sued or settled with the church for amounts of more than $50,000 — and only those who preyed on minors.

The list includes a number of high-profile cases that have been in the public domain for years, but also the names of priests for whom the church settled lawsuits brought by victims.

In some cases, the allegations were never tested in court. In other cases, victims signed non-disclosure agreements, preventing the details from being made public.

"To see all these names compiled in one list, it's overwhelming … and this is by the way an incomplete list. This is only the names that we were able to gather," said Brenda Brunelle of Windsor, who is lea...

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  • Patricia Quirk
    commented 2019-12-07 14:47:16 -0600
    How do we stop the hierarchy from continuing to act in this manner. Perhaps withholding our financial support?
  • Brenda Brunelle
    commented 2019-12-05 18:01:52 -0600
    This has been an incredible journey. This began early Spring with my SNAP Member Jerry Boyle and myself and of course the Fifth Estate. After FifthEstate meeting our group in Windsor and learning of the conference in Washington DC, they made plans to join us. During this conference other Canadian members were intrigued by this investigation and agreed to participate.
    As many are aware, we gathered in Cornwall, ON in September where all Canadian Bishops meet for their annual assembly with a strong desire to address all Bishops on the crisis of Clergy Abuse, transparency and the need for an independent body to create a database for all credibly accused.

    We never were granted a meeting with all bishops, only a handful. The meeting went well and ver friendly, but our group was not there to make friends, rather get results.

    Since this gathering in Cornwall, SW. Ontario reps worked tirelessly in compiling a list of those we were able to gain access to through our own personal contacts and the through a lawyer who has worked on some claims filed within this Diocese.

    Jerry Boyle of Cambridge Ontario and myself from Windsor ON Released the list of names of those credibly accused in the London Diocese. WE did this through the great help, support and assistance of our SNAP family.
    We are proud leaders of SNAP, we are privileged to speak on behalf of SNAP, and fortunate to have our names and telephone numbers published on this website for Canadian Reporters to contact us regarding issues involving Canada.

    It is a proud day for Ontario, it is a proud day for me to see this story become SNAP’s story of the day!

    To those of you I count as my friend and supporter, Thank you
    Brenda Brunelle SW ONtario Leader SNAP Canada

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