ITALY- Francesco Zanardi case

Here are three documents about the Francesco Zanardi case.

(Zanardi has many more.)

One is reportedly a 2003 letter from then-Bishop Calcagno to then-Cardinal Ratzinger asking what to do about Fr.  Giraudo because of his alleged sexual abuses of Savona children.

Two others are reportedly documents written by Savona church officials about Fr. Giraudo's personal history, and reportedly includes this sentence: "Nulla è trapelato sui giornali e non ci sono denunce in corso," essentially meaning "so far nothing of this case came out in the newspapers and none of the abused have pressed charges."

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Following is a rough translation of a letter from Cardinal Calcagno to then-Cardinal Ratzinger in 2003 (note: this is a translated piece and should not be considered verbatim):

Your Holy Eminence,

I present to you, full of sorrow, the case of Fr. Giraudo, a priest of this diocese.

I enclose a copy of his cirrculum vitae prepared by the vicar general, monsignor Andrea Giusto. At the moment, the priest has left the parish in Feglino and the accommodation "the lantern" at my request. Actually he's transferred to a parish in Noli and is entrusted to a priest, Fr. Pinetto.

The attached documentation will help you better understand the details: I ask for advice on what to do. Intending the priest continues with pastoral commitment, wherever possible, I intend to avoid that he has contact with children and adolescents.

Thank you, I offer my feelings of respect.

+ Domonico Calcagno


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