Happy Anniversary

Dear Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga

Happy anniversary. It was a decade ago next month when you essentially accused Jews of being behind media reports of clergy sex crimes and cover ups.

You said “We all know that Ted Turner is openly anti-Catholic, and he is the owner not just of CNN but also Time-Warner,” Rodriguez said. “This is to say nothing of dailies such as the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Boston Globe, protagonists of what I do not hesitate to call a persecution against the church. . .that reminds me of the times of Stalin and Hitler.”



You've had more than 3,600 days now to correct or apologize or explain your irresponsible remarks. As best we can tell, you haven't.

In most other institutions, you would likely be criticized or demoted or disciplined for such hurtful behavior. Sadly, in the Catholic church, you are rewarded. Last month, you were one of only eight men tapped by the new pope to advise him on church governance.


And Catholic officials wonder why so many of us feel such sadness and disappointment about the direction of the hierarchy. . . .

Happy anniversary.

David Clohessy


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