Guest Blog: Marking an Odd Ten Year Anniversary

The year is moving quickly to a close but before it does, I wanted to note an odd anniversary. It was ten years ago that SNAP was the butt of the most outrageous criticism in our three decades of work.

One of the nation's most prominent southern Baptist officials, Rev. Paige Patterson called us "evil-doers" who are "just as reprehensible as sex criminals." (Patterson once headed the Southern Baptist Convention and, at the time of his remarks, was president of the denomination's flagship seminary.) - Ethics Daily 2/15/08

Think he's just some outlier? A year earlier, Southern Baptist Convention president Frank Page said groups like us are "nothing more than opportunistic persons who are seeking to raise opportunities for personal gain." - Ethics Daily 4/20/07

Keep this in mind when dealing with Catholic officials. They're not necessarily the worst. And say a prayer or send a kind thought or note to Christa Brown, author of This Little Light: Beyond a Baptist Preacher Predator and his Gang, and founder of, who for years courageously confronted complicit Baptist bureaucrats while compassionately listening to and helping Baptist victims. She's a real hero.

Guest blog by David Clohessy, St. Louis SNAP Leader and former SNAP National Director

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