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  • Mary McKenna
    commented 2016-10-07 13:54:26 -0500
    plz plz we need a new york gathering
  • Lea Lewis
    commented 2016-05-22 23:37:15 -0500

    I am a survivor of abuse sexual, emotional and spiritual. I have gone to the Phoenix Dioceses they are in process of investigations of the preist that abused Robert Voss. They are paying for my DBT counseling. I have been through so much with my family. I am so grateful for a sweet little non denominational church that is standing beside to heal spiritually. My mother refused to cooperate in being a witness for me. I have been through so much but by the Grace of God I am Healing. I hope to be at a conference soon. I would love to be a speaker and help with putting on a conference. I am very experienced in putting together AA and CA conventions. Thank Lea
  • Mary Miller
    commented 2016-05-09 08:24:12 -0500
    I am a loved one of an abuse survivor. I will be there in Philly. Even though it will be extremely hard for me, I will no longer be silent. I want to stand with the others to show the catholic church in Philly, and everywhere, that we are here, strong, and not going away. I thank God for this SNAP group and to all who are a part of it.
  • Barbra Graber
    commented 2016-05-01 08:05:44 -0500
    Looking forward to Philly and hoping to see some of our Mennonite survivors there. Thank you so much for this important effort.
  • Lacey Mitchell
    commented 2016-03-05 03:28:27 -0600
    Looking forward for the opportunity to attend a SNAP Gathering in ATL on 4/1-3/16 as well as determining whether a leadership (training 4/3-4/16) role of participation is suitable for me and acceptable for SNAP hierarchy.
  • Bill Kelley
    commented 2016-03-04 17:53:54 -0600
    This is a great idea.
  • Mary Williams
    followed this page 2016-02-04 10:11:12 -0600

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